Building the Future by Learning Basic Digital Skills

Samsung Electronics fosters future talent by providing basic digital skills education such as Coding and Programming for elementary and middle school students around the world. Let’s look at how students are stepping toward their future dreams through Samsung’s basic education programs.

Korea: Samsung Dream Class

Bridging dreams in South Korea

In South Korea, Samsung Dream Class is one of Samsung’s flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that aims to bridge the gap between youth and their dreams. Samsung Dream Class supports middle school students on their journey to find their ‘future dreams’ and offers basic learning opportunities.

Last summer, university mentors and middle school mentees engaged at an exciting 4-day summer camp held at four universities: Sungkyunkwan University, Kyungpook National University, Chungbuk National University, and Chonnam National University. The students who participated in the Dream Class summer camp were able to take a step closer to their dreams through various programs such as career exploration, basic skills, and course learning.

Mentee Minjun Kim described his experience: “Samsung Dream School was such a memorable experience where I could hone my coding and programming skills.” Ye-eun Song, another mentee at Kyungpook National University, voiced her satisfaction with the program, saying, “Samsung Dream Class brought me closer to my dreams.”

Thailand: Samsung Innovation Campus

Empowering Thailand’s youth with technology

Meanwhile, in Thailand, Samsung Innovation Campus fuels the technical prowess of young students through its Basic Coding course. In line with its mission to bridge the digital divide and empower youth around the world, Samsung Innovation Campus in Thailand has been helping students improve their academic performance and boost their confidence to set future goals.

Students witnessed a remarkable 48% increase in their test scores and found the knowledge gained through the program to be highly applicable to their future aspirations.

“Step-by-step guidance from the teachers and mentors of the Basic Coding course helped me improve my coding skills,” said one of the students. “I even gained newfound confidence and developed a clear idea of my future career path in engineering.”

Natsarun Nattanuntorn, a Coding and Programming teacher, highlighted the program’s profound impact on the students: “All of them now find coding enjoyable and less intimidating!”

Samorn Patho, Director of a science high school, also attested to Samsung’s dedication to providing coding-focused education. “As coding becomes more important in education today, Samsung Innovation Campus has been a very useful program for providing the much-needed guidance and resources for our students.”

Indonesia: Samsung Innovation Campus

Indonesian students harness technology to solve everyday problems

Students in Indonesia are harnessing the power of Samsung Innovation Campus to navigate the tech industry. are undergoing basic education via Samsung Innovation Campus to grow as professionals in the technology sector. The program trains students on the basics of coding and programming, equipping them with future-proof skills.

The Innovation Hackathon phase of Samsung Innovation Campus, in particular, is designed to foster problem-solving skills and empower students to address real-world issues using IoT solutions. The participants were guided through each stage of the process, from Problem Definition and Exploration to Ideation and Experimentation, Prototyping and Imagination, and finally, Pitching and Storytelling. This comprehensive approach enabled the participants to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes.

One of the students reflected on his personal growth: “Before participating in the program, I didn’t have much knowledge about programming and other technological concepts.” He added, “Samsung Innovation Campus was a great opportunity to learn the basic digital skills of both hardware and software development.”

In today’s tech-driven era, mastering technical skills at a young age is crucial. Samsung’s commitment to providing foundational coding and programming education seeks to pave the way for students to pursue their dreams and grow as future talent in science and technology.


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