Samsung Türkiye honoured with the prestigious ‘Silver Achievement Award’ for outstanding contributions to society

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow offers a unique learning opportunity that nurtures problem solving and creative thinking by encouraging students to resolve pressing social issues around them. Since 2020, Samsung Türkiye has been executing Solve for Tomorrow, empowering future generations to achieve their full potential and build a better world for all.

For their efforts in creating meaningful change and a positive impact, Samsung Türkiye was awarded a prestigious award, the ‘Silver Achievement Award.’

Samsung Türkiye received the ‘Silver Achievement Award’ at the 15th Corporate Responsibility Summit, organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Türkiye. This summit aims to recognize organizations that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. An independent jury evaluates and presents awards to programs that help Türkiye reach its SDG 2030 and 2053 Net-Zero targets.

Samsung Türkiye collaborates with the Habitat Association to provide a wide variety of engaging learning opportunities. The programs support young people to drive forward purposeful innovation by identifying and solving the world’s challenges and discover new solutions to build a better future for all. Design Thinking has offered training to 5,324 students across 60 cities in Türkiye. The students completed 559 concrete projects that focus on social and environmental issues under the themes of "Humanity" and "Planet.” Outstanding projects were awarded, while dozens of projects have completed the Utility Model and Patent process.

The next generations to come will be true digital natives, with the potential to use technology and innovate in new ways. However, they must be equipped with the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to adapt to the current pace of change and face the unknown, while benefitting from the new opportunities created by technology. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping our future, which is why 173 teachers from 44 cities across Türkiye are empowered via training sessions. These sessions aim to facilitate the exchange of diverse knowledge and expertise among teachers, enabling them to better nurture the younger generations.

Samsung truly believes in the youth’s remarkable potential to reach new heights of innovation and develop world-changing solutions, and will continue to help them achieve their dreams through accessible education.

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