Samsung Innovation Campus Nurtures Future Tech Leaders of Türkiye

In Türkiye, "Samsung Innovation Campus" program prepares young people for the future by providing them with training in crucial areas for the digital age, such as AI, IoT, coding, and programming with the collaboration the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Türkiye. This strategic collaboration equips young people with valuable technical skills, giving them a strong entry into the job market, and pave the way for equal opportunities in education. With its AI courses, "Samsung Innovation Campus" platform enables young people to develop themselves in the digital world and create solutions to social issues by bringing innovative perspectives. In 2023, the 4th Samsung Innovation Campus participants successfully completed their AI courses.

Capstone Projects

UNDP Türkiye shared its expertise in sustainable development with young people, highlighting AI course capstone projects that support the sustainable development goals. These projects combined SDG AI Lab's training, technological innovations, and social benefits. In addition to improving the technical skills of young people, the projects also strengthened their social responsibility approach.

The "Real Time Forest Fire Detection" project, developed by Necip Şahamettin Küçük, Halil Çınar, and Kubilay Hasdedeoğlu, focused on effectively detecting forest fires using AI. The customized AI model aimed to detect fires with a 95% success rate.

Ahmet Furkan Bayram's "Mammo-Des" project developed a model to help diagnose breast cancer using mammography images. This model facilitates the application of effective treatment methods through early diagnosis.

Betül Ünlü's "Invasive Insect Detection" project aimed to enhance the accurate detection of harmful insects in agricultural areas, making significant contributions to the sustainable agriculture approach.

Real Time Forest Fire Detection Capstone Project

Every Idea Can Be Supported by AI
Kubilay Hasdedeoğlu, one of the participants from AI Class of 2023, states that he realizes with the guidance of Samsung Innovation Campus program that every single idea can be supported by technology and AI. “I hope to develop projects supported by AI and computer learning, and to become one of the leading experts in this area. Moreover, I aim to establish a consultancy company for firms in technology and computer learning. That's why I'm trying to improve myself in using technology to find solutions to problems that exist in today’s world.” For example, he pointed out the Real Time Forest Fire Detection project they did after trainings as a team with Necip Küçük and Halil Çınar.
An excellent opportunity for using the potential for good
Necip Küçük emphasizes the importance of early forest fire detection and the potential of AI in this field which inspired them. “With this project, our goal was to detect forest fires at an early stage, reduce the spread and damage they cause” he explained. Upon successfully completing the program in 2023, he commented, “My expectations before starting Samsung Innovation Campus program were very much in line with my actual experiences. The program was an excellent opportunity to learn and specialize in the latest developments of technology and AI, understanding the potential and how we can use this potential for the greater good. I hope to help harness the potential of technology and AI to improve human lives.”
A focus on practical aspects
Halil Çınar was motivated by the pioneering position of the program in technology and the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals. He adds “As the program focused on practical aspects, my expectations became more aligned with real-world experiences. The technical and leadership training I received allowed me to take significant steps towards becoming a professional leader in the industry.”

Mammo-Des Capstone Project

AI-Supported Diagnosis System
Furkan Bayram, one of the other successful participants, said that Samsung Innovation Campus contributes to the acquisition of AI-based knowledge and practice-based skills in this field, and added how valuable the projects developed for sustainable development are. “Before I started the program, I thought that the training would be at a standard level, but once the training started, I got more results from the program than I expected.” After this program, Furkan intends to delve deeper into subjects such as deep learning and natural language processing. He claims that his project “Mammo-Des” was motivated by the potential impact of developing an AI-supported diagnosis system and the fact that the success of the treatment can be increased with early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Invasive Insect Detection Capstone Project

Desire to Contribute to This Great Cause
Betül Ünlü, another successful participant from the AI Class of 2023, reflected on the friendly environment she found herself in. “Although the trainings were online, meeting and socializing events were organized to bring the participants together. Among these events, soft-skill trainings were organized on important topics such as preparing a career plan, writing a CV, job interview techniques and professional networking. I think I have added more to myself than I had aimed for since the beginning of the program.”
• She continues “I learned the methods of creating solutions by increasing awareness of some social problems that we did not even know existed until research. The training I received encouraged me to approach AI projects more effectively and produce solutions. Opportunities to work on practical projects have honed my ability to create solutions to real-world problems with AI. Additionally, the problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity emphasized by the program increased my individual capability. At the same time, project-based work opportunities strengthened my presentation skills as well as communication and teamwork.”
• After the trainings at Samsung Innovation Campus, participants were offered the opportunity to initiate a project. The vision and mission of Samsung Innovation Campus Program and its focus on finding innovative solutions to social and economic problems increased her desire to contribute to this great cause.
Sustainable Agriculture: Her project “Invasive Insect Detection” was born in the search for developing technological solutions to increase the efficiency of agriculture and minimize the damage caused by harmful organisms. She specified the importance of sustainable agriculture approach as this approach not only met the needs of current generations, but also aimed to protect natural resources and agricultural areas for future generations and increase production and efficiency in agriculture. This results in food security and economic sustainability as it allows farmers to produce more.

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