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Solve for Tomorrow program is aiming to resolve the most urgent social problems.

Solve for Tomorrow paves the ways for the development of social innovation ideas for the resolution of urgent social problems. Students developed projects that offer solutions to the 'Climate Crisis' (Reducing Carbon Emissions), 'Sustainable Waste Management' (Recycling), 'Renewable Energy' and 'Smart City Applications'.

The top three projects of this year’s competition and their solutions are as follows:

• This year’s winner was Gün Kardeşler Team with their project of bio-degradable adhesive bandage from disposed pomegranate peels.

    ° Antibacterial and biodegradable band-aids consisting of waste pomegranate peels, developed by Gün Kardeşler team, allow the wound to heal quickly and in a sterile environment, as the bands dissolve and disappear on the wound.

• The second prize went to Lance Team with their leakage monitoring system that they developed to intervene into leakages in municipal water systems.

    ° The project developed by Lance team enables quick detection of leaks in network systems. Detecting the leak and contacting the relevant services, the project makes use of advanced IoT technology for on-site response.

• The third prize was won by the Yeşil Gezegen Team with their project that aims to regain the energy consumed by washing machines.

    ° Yeşil Gezegen team’s project transforms electricity use in washing machines with a two-facade motor designed to reduce friction. Thus, it is possible to operate washing machines without the need for a city electricity network.

Students are pleased to have participated in the program

The students from participating teams said that the program was very fruitful, expressing their satisfaction as follows:

Ömer Berkin Kıstı – Yeşil Gezegen:

• “In my opinion, this competition is an important step towards increasing the quality of formal education. It helps students gain a perspective that is not only school-oriented, but also sensitive towards society and the environment. As we learned to develop a project theoretically, to design it and to move it forward, we also learned practically how to adapt it to real life. I would definitely recommend everyone to take part in this competition.”

Mehmet Tarık Yahyaoğlu – Yeşil Gezegen:

• “This program has significantly improved my creativity and thinking skills. It also contributed to both my social skills and my self-expression skills. I also realized that our efforts are not in vain and the more we work on a subject, the more likely we are in becoming successful. Thanks to this program, I have improved myself in many areas.”

Ariana Avcı – Lance Team:

• “With the training that we have received, we improved our design thinking skills. Our project mentor accompanied us about any problem and supported us a lot. We had the opportunity to improve ourselves with these trainings. We broadened our horizon with the new things that we learned. We definitely recommend this program to everyone.”

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