Samsung Innovation Campus in SESAR trains Saudi Youth
Saudi Arabia

Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) in SESAR has trained over 160 students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Partnership with Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” since its inception.

SIC is a global educational program that equips the next generation with the critical knowledge, competencies, and attitudes they need to secure a job in a competitive and technology-driven workplace. In Saudi Arabia, the program was launched through a partnership with Misk at the Misk Global Forum in 2019 to support the youth build capacity.

Samsung Innovation Campus in SESAR has successfully trained Saudi students and unemployed youth to be experienced in key technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as AI and IoT, nurturing them to be the next generation workforce. Alongside the technical training, the program also offered soft skills training to enhance students' employability and ability to bring their knowledge to life.

“Our partnership with Misk has proven to be successful under the most unprecedented of times right at the start of the pandemic in 2020. In that light, we aim to further that success and extend our partnership for the benefit of the youth and the young Saudi students in the Kingdom. Through this partnership from 2019, we were able to weigh in with our technical know-how, expertise, and the needed infrastructure where Misk brought their local knowledge, access to talent and invaluable insights to the program. As a result, Samsung Innovation Campus has produced excellent results in terms of student retention, student feedback and overall experience,” said Hyung Bin Joo, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Saudi Arabia.

The program was launched in February 2020 to provide an immersive 6-week IoT training program hosted at the Misk’s academic partner, Al Faisal University. Due to the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 pandemic at the time, Samsung and Misk immediately shifted the focus to online learning and developed the platforms, tools and channels to enable students to continue access the best learning opportunities despite the global climate. Additionally, the SIC in SESAR in partnership with Misk rolled out an Artificial Intelligence courses in October 2020 and March 2021 which were delivered online to Saudi students across the Kingdom.

“We are proud of the positive impact on over 160 young Saudi students we have made as result of the partnership of Samsung and Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation, Misk. Through our partnership, learners were equipped with relevant skill sets for the job market, boosting employability and creating accessible pathways in IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to continued collaboration with Samsung on future initiatives; pushing each other towards excellence for our offerings to Saudi youth,” said Nasser Almutairi, Misk Skills Director.

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