Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Israel running for four years

Samsung holds the fourth Solve for Tomorrow in Israel.

Since the program was first launched in a high school in Netivot in 2018, boarding schools from various parts of the country participated every year. To date, about 250 Israeli students have participated in the program. This year, the Manof boarding school in Acre will be participating.

The six-month program includes various activities such as lectures and meetings with mentors or entrepreneurs and classes on creative thinking & problem solving, design thinking, social responsibility and SW solutions, digital innovation, and so on.

The curriculum of Solve for Tomorrow aims to provide participants the tools and methods for exploring issues and defining problems, generating innovative ideas, and developing them into concrete value propositions. By working on their own projects, students learn important lessons on responsibility, communication, and teamwork — essential skills for the leaders of the future society.

The program also strengthens ties between students and their community. Since students of boarding schools are from all parts of the country, they are less familiar or connected with the community where the schools are. By exploring unmet needs and issues of the community and developing innovative solutions, students can strengthen the sense of belonging about the community.

“The program was created to build the right space for developing entrepreneurial abilities, creativity, and a sense of empowerment. Beyond the value to the students, the program is concerned with environmental responsibility and the creation of innovative ideas that have the power to change the lives of people and their communities, and to contribute to a better future,” said Mia Segal, Brand communication manager of Samsung Israel.

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