Building a Classroom Where Students Can Dream Big

What would the dreams of the future generation be, if they could meet their peers from different places and experience together a bigger world outside the classroom they are in? Samsung Smart School is a corporate citizenship program of Samsung Electronics that bridges the IT accessibility gaps and enhances students’ future capabilities by providing a cutting-edge educational environment including Samsung’s IT devices and solutions, educational materials, and classroom interiors.

At Samsung Smart School, teachers are offered regular training sessions and consulting from education experts to enhance their IT skills. The program also provides two years of free repair service and online counseling for smart devices so that classes can be conducted seamlessly.

After having benefited a total of 193 classes from 98 schools in South Korea and 4,153 classes in 84 countries outside of the country, more Samsung Smart Schools opened in 2022 – in South Korea and India.

Read on to find out how the program has been supporting local students and teachers, through the eyes of Samsung employees.

“It is very rewarding to see how classes have changed after 10 years of Samsung Smart School.”

Gangmin Lee, Corporate Citizenship Office at Samsung Electronics

Q. Which schools received support from Samsung Smart School this year?

Since 2012, Samsung Smart School has been supporting schools all over South Korea, especially those in remote rural areas and islands. This year, we selected ten schools, from 98 schools that previously participated in Samsung Smart School, that showed high numbers in program utilization and had needs to improve the digital education environment.

Q. Samsung Smart School has been a big success since its launch. What is the success factor?

The driving force was our continuous effort for youth education and accumulated know-how combined with attention and the engagement of schools, teachers, and students. I would also like to highlight all the teachers’ passion and participation. Their keen interest in training sessions and educational content contributed to the program’s success.

Q. Is there a special memory of Samsung Smart School project that you want to share?

I remember how happy I was to find out that students who were not as outspoken in class became much more active and their IT skills improved significantly after the program. Not to mention the sense of relief and accomplishment I felt when I heard that schools in isolated regions that were at risk of being closed could stay open because the number of students increased after implementing Samsung Smart School. I hope that Samsung Smart School helps all students to grow into the wanted talents of the future.

“We are helping students achieve their dreams through Samsung Smart School.”

Shailaja Pathania, Corporate Citizenship Office at Samsung Electronics India

In India, Samsung Smart School has been in operation in 10 schools since January 2022. Shailaja, an employee from Samsung Electronics India, is closely monitoring the program’s progress and is actively supporting teachers and students. “We hope that more students realize their infinite potential through customized future education supported by Samsung Smart School,” says Shailaja.

Q. What is your priority in planning and managing Samsung Smart School?

When planning any corporate citizenship program such as Samsung Smart School, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, or Samsung Innovation Campus, my focus is on the effect it will have on the future of today’s youth. It is important to provide long-term educational opportunities to help students, who are alienated from education and care, grow into future talents. Samsung’s corporate citizenship programs in India are aligned not only with the corporate vision of “Together for Tomorrow, Enabling People” but also in line with the country’s missions of Digital India and Skill India.

Q. What is your favorite part of your work?

I am thrilled to have an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. India has the largest youth population in the world, and youth education is very important for technological development and the future of the country. I am always proud that Samsung Smart School is making positive changes by establishing a cutting-edge educational environment for the next generation.

Q. Any words for the young generation?

I strongly encourage young students to realize their full potential. To do so, they will have to experiment with different talents and abilities, experience diverse challenges, and make efforts to grow not only physically but also socially and mentally. I hope a program like Samsung Smart School will help the youth grow into great talents that make the world a better place.

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