Samsung Announces 2021 Solve for Tomorrow Winners in France

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow in France, which was launched in December 2021, successfully ended in May 2022 with an award ceremony. During the six-month program, students that participated in Solve for Tomorrow worked in teams to create a solution based on digital technologies that could solve major societal challenges.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is an educational program designed by Samsung Electronics and deployed in partnership with the Entreprendre pour Apprendre federation in France. Its objective is to enable young people from grades 3 to 12 to imagine the digital world of tomorrow by proposing concrete solutions based on technologies that can tackle social issues such as tech accessibility, senior citizens’ digital inclusion, environmental protection, and social insecurity.

The first batch of Solve for Tomorrow was participated by approximately 800 students from 29 schools, who presented 81 different projects. Each team was supervised by their teacher and supported by a Samsung mentor as well as facilitators from Entreprendre pour Apprendre. The teams learned and worked through the Design Thinking method, an innovative thinking process that allows the students to express their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Of the submitted projects, two projects – ADAOZZ and MULTIBOX – have been chosen as winners for their originality and creativity.

ADAOZZ is an application created by a team of students from St. Gilduin Secondary School. The application is designed to help users recycle better and raise awareness of selective sorting. ADAOZZ offers features like scan to help with sorting materials and a directory of nearby stores that are eco-friendly. Users can also play an interactive game on the app, where they could measure the ecological footprints of their actions in the in-app virtual world.

MULTIBOX project was presented by students from Pasteur High School. MULTIBOX is a multi-content box designed to simplify senior citizens’ access to digital content and services. By offering various applications, MULTIBOX opens a bigger world to the elderly and lets them communicate better digitally with their family and friends.

Olivier Oger, Vice President from Samsung Electronics France responsible for HR and CSR, said, “Listening to the young enthusiasts talk about their projects captivated us and confirmed the validity of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow. The two winning projects innovatively address major societal issues, and their operational feasibility will now be studied by Samsung experts.” He added, “We are excited to announce that the five finalist schools will receive Samsung products to use in class to provide students with optimal learning conditions. Based on the success of the program, we will be launching the second edition of Solve for Tomorrow in France in November.”

Achille Blanc-Mounier, a first-year student of the Digital and Computer Sciences course at Pasteur High School from Project MULTIBOX said, “It is so rewarding to be involved in such a project and to have had the opportunity to reflect and offer viable solutions to everyday problems.” He also said that Solve for Tomorrow allowed the team to work on their team spirit and creative thinking as the first step into business life.

Isabelle Rozec, Principle of St. Gilduin Secondary School whose team also won the grand prize said, “Solve for Tomorrow project is fully integrated into the future path that students should be working on as part of their curriculum. The students were very involved in developing the project, and they understood the power of programs like this.” She continued, “Creating a mini-business means acquiring maximum skills in the shortest time possible and freeing themselves from a framework. Solve for Tomorrow has allowed the students to gain confidence and solidarity, and develop their skills, especially in speaking.”

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