Hand in Hand, Towards a Brighter Future

The world’s students are filled with dreams and passion but sometimes are lost on their journey towards their dreams. Life lessons and advice from the older generation who have experienced the same hardships help them tremendously and guide them closer to the future they dream of.

Samsung Innovation Campus is a global ICT education program for youth. The program offers students opportunities to learn technical skills for business as well as build a network with Samsung Electronics employees and industry experts who actively support them with academic and personal feedback. Find out more about Samsung Innovation Campus mentors, and the precious experiences they have shared throughout the program.

“I could help those just began their career path grow.”

Merve, an employee mentor at Samsung Electronics Turkey, says she decided to participate in Samsung Innovation Campus as a mentor, remembering the struggles she had when she just started her career.

At first, Merve was not sure of what advice she could give as a mentor but she soon realized that her everyday tasks at Samsung could be something she could share with the students. “Daily office works like preparing for presentations and replying to e-mails could be a difficult task for a newcomer. I could share some tips with regards to what they need to be aware of.”

Merve added, “The opportunity to be a part of the bright young students’ journey to the future is truly an invaluable experience. I wish more employees and experts participate and play an active role as mentors.”

“I learned a lot from the passionate young people.”

Tracy is an expert mentor who joined Samsung Innovation Campus after learning about the program from her friend. As an ‘experience design’ professional, she could not only provide professional advice in the field but also have a meaningful experience herself.

“By witnessing young people trying to solve problems in our daily lives, I learned to open my mind to new opportunities with curiosity,” said Tracy. “Watching these young students cooperate closely and work in such a diligent manner to solve difficult problems was a huge inspiration for me.”

Tracy went on, saying, ”Samsung Electronics not only leads technological innovation but also puts in a massive effort for the future generation’s growth. I am delighted to be a part of its endeavors.”

“I feel pride in helping youth build a better future

Aristides, who is in charge of sales and marketing in Samsung Electronics Greece, has been participating in Samsung Innovation Campus as a mentor in collaboration with the city of Athens and the local university. Aristides said, “I am proud of my company, Samsung Electronics, for contributing to society by investing in young people.”

“I was deeply moved by the dreams and passion of young people who just joined the workforce,” he said. “Especially, their interests in environment and sustainability, and the will to make a better future by learning science technologies were impressive.”

Aristides shared his hopes to continue his role as an employee mentor at Samsung Innovation Campus in Greece. “I want to help the youth achieve their dreams of realizing a better world – amid rapid innovations and changes based on information and insights on technological advancements.”

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