[Journey to a Better Future] Find Your Passion at Samsung Innovation Campus

Samsung Electronics’ corporate citizenship programs aim to inspire and educate younger generations, guiding students around the world towards achieving their dreams. Behind the scenes of these programs are Samsung employees across the world devoting their time, energy, and effort to creating a better tomorrow.

The #JourneyToABetterFuture series presents the voices of Samsung employees in charge of youth education programs worldwide. Alongside the employees’ stories, the series also shares the stories of students from Samsung’s corporate citizenship programs about how they are achieving their dreams.

“In a fast-paced world, the young generation is hungry to learn new things and adapt to endless possibilities. Watching the young students absorb knowledge so quickly never ceases to amaze me. What we need to do is give the youth opportunities that will help them discover their passions,” says Pattarun Phetsiri, Corporate Citizenship Manager at Samsung Electronics Thailand.

Pattarun has been with Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) since 2019. SIC is an education program to help equip the youth with critical tech skills including coding and programming.

“Schools in Thailand recently included coding as a mandatory part of the school program. However, it was a struggle to find the correct approach in order to correctly introduce these tech skills across schools. Through SIC, we wanted to provide these skills to as many students as possible so that no one would be left behind; and in addition, we wanted to create an educational opportunity for young generations to build practical skills.”

Pattarun and her team launched Samsung Innovation Campus with hopes to find the best way to teach coding to students.

“While the majority of students have learned coding through textbooks in schools, we are able to provide them with real-life experiences where they learn from hands-on practices. We focus on creating meaningful experiences for students to open up new horizons. The experience and knowledge they get from the program is a major driving force for their journey into the future.”

Pattarun and her team believe it is the students and teachers that make Samsung Innovation Campus so vibrant and successful.

“When we have a group of like-minded youngsters and dedicated teachers in the room together, the flow becomes natural. They share ideas, dreams, thoughts, and even funny jokes, and help each other learn. Once we see that dynamic, we know instantly that another impressive class from Samsung Innovation Campus has been born.”

Every year, the team in Thailand carries out surveys with participants at the end of the program. Most students said that through SIC, they got to learn more and understand coding better. Some participants also said that they gained more clarity on what career path they wanted to follow in the future.

“We truly believe in their remarkable potential to reach new heights of innovation and to develop life-changing solutions. We hope young generations discover what they are interested in and are passionate about and expand upon their skills by attending various activities for a hands-on learning experience. Once you understand yourself, then you will be able to create your plan and push yourself towards your goal.”

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