[Journey to a Better Future] Change the Future Along With the Young Generation

Samsung Electronics’ corporate citizenship programs aim to inspire and educate younger generations, guiding students around the world towards achieving their dreams. Behind the scenes of these programs are Samsung employees across the world devoting their time, energy, and effort to creating a better tomorrow.

The #JourneyToABetterFuture series presents the voices of Samsung employees in charge of youth education programs worldwide. Alongside the employees’ stories, the series also shares the stories of students from Samsung’s corporate citizenship programs about how they are achieving their dreams.

“It is thrilling to witness younger generations raise their voices to change their lives and the local community. From a brand-new perspective, we can generate and realize innovation in our daily lives that we have taken for granted. Such as eating food, drinking water, or even using electricity."

Helvio Kanamaru, Head of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics Latin America, has been part of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow in the Latin American region since its inception in 2013. Solve for Tomorrow is an educational program that invites young students to discover ideas that can make our society a better place. Through the process of materializing ideas using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Samsung supports students to develop their STEM competency as well as creative problem-solving skills required for the future. Students are provided with training in critical human skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

Every year, Solve for Tomorrow invites students and teachers from public schools in Latin America to present their creative ideas to solve local problems. Samsung Solve for Tomorrow started in Latin America in 2014. To date, the program reached more than 274,200 public school students and teachers from 17 countries in the region.

“At the end of the year, the students present their ideas in the final stage of Solve for Tomorrow. When I see these young minds pitch their ideas and the innovation they develop from the ground up, I sense the power of education: how it not only influences the lives of the young generation but also our society.”

Helvio says that the passion of students and teachers is the driving force of the program. “Since the beginning of setting up the program, we wanted to make the best educational output to public school students and teachers of our region. Their needs and aspirations were the most important factors,” explains Helvio. “We focused on delivering a special educational experience that has never been there, as with our aim to help the young generation pursue educational growth and find a personal goal.”

Years have passed, and Helvio and his team have learned a lot from the students and teachers that participated in Samsung’s Corporate Citizenship programs. Their insights and opinions are fundamental to understanding what they can do better and what must be prioritized. “We have conversations with teachers who participate in Solve for Tomorrow and listen to their opinions, insights, and recommendations. Their inputs in the program are invaluable,” says Helvio. In fact, the Corporate Citizenship team is building an online platform for teachers where they can share experiences and best practices from Solve for Tomorrow, as well as their teaching know-hows that can be applied locally. “Teachers are the messenger of knowledge to not only students but our team. As much as we value their voices, we incorporate their ideas to create a more creative educational environment.”

During the pandemic, most countries in Latin America have declared educational quarantine to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Schools were closed, and all classes had to go virtual which was something no one was used to. “But during this rough time, we witnessed an inspiring strength, courage, and resilience from students, teachers, and their families. Despite the challenges, they carried out their studies,” Helvio further explains. “I could see this kind of dedication and high-spiritedness from the winners of Colombia’s Solve for Tomorrow in 2021. The students built a special network that provides free internet access to homes so that their friends could continue their studies under any circumstances.”

Helvio says he is proud to be a part of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung, working together with young generations on their journey to a better future. “Aligned with the global Corporate Citizenship vision ‘Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People,’ our goal is an ongoing result of dynamic and energetic discussions and agreements among all our team members in the region.”

“We'll stand by the young generation to change the world. We will always support their journey toward a better future where they can expand their possibilities.”

Find out more about Helvio and Latin America’s youth who wish to create a better world in the video below.

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