[Journey to a Better Future] Helping the Youth of Egypt Learn the Language of the Future

Samsung Electronics’ corporate citizenship programs aim to inspire and educate younger generations, guiding students around the world towards achieving their dreams. Behind the scenes of these programs are Samsung employees across the world devoting their time, energy, and effort to creating a better tomorrow.

The #JourneyToABetterFuture series presents the voices of Samsung employees in charge of youth education programs worldwide. Alongside the employees’ stories in helping young people to become the next generation of leaders, the series shares the stories of students from Samsung’s corporate citizenship programs about how they are achieving their dreams.

“Adjusting to innovation in a fast-changing world is paramount. Our primal effort is being made to help young people get used to digital languages.”

Moussa Georgy, who leads Samsung Electronics' corporate citizenship activities for youth education in Egypt, stresses that young people need to learn digital languages to lead future innovation. He believes that digital is the way to solve the social challenges that previous generations couldn’t solve.

Moussa’s belief in the digital became even stronger when he saw his 6-year-old daughter, Louli, playing games exploring the world on a tablet. “In a rapidly changing world, the most important thing for the new generation familiar with the Internet and new technologies that are not constrained by time and space is to adapt to technological innovations.”


As in any country, education for the young leaders of the future is an important task for Egypt. “Approximately 61% of Egypt’s population are the young. Corporate Citizenship officers of Samsung Electronics Egypt, like myself, felt the need to implement special programs to lead the youth to create a positive impact on society. Digital education, such as programming and coding, had to be included in the program,” says Moussa.

In Egypt, Samsung Innovation Campus is spotlighted as a program where young students can learn the latest technology. The program has recently been transformed into a digital learning hub due to the pandemic. The new Samsung Innovation Campus, established with the efforts of Moussa and technical staff to help students gain self-learning skills, received great acclaim from local students in Egypt as an educational program that enables students to continue learning even during the pandemic.


Moussa thinks that to adapt to the new era, young people should learn to think as leaders of the future in addition to innovative technologies. “While working at Samsung, I was able to learn how to ‘look ahead’ and ‘think tomorrow’. I hope you also look to the future and think forward. We are here to help you be more prepared for the long journey ahead.”

Journey to a Better Future - Egypt | Samsung

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