Samsung Innovation Campus Successfully Launches in Italy

Bari, 18th May 2021 - The first edition of Innovation Campus – Smart Things ended yesterday at University Aldo Moro of Bari – this education program was developed by Samsung Electronics Italy together with the University to offer students digital skills focused on new technological trends, in line with the demands of a constantly evolving job market.

Students applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to Consumer Electronics, Cloud, and Big Data products. Thanks to a thorough mentoring from professors from the University of Bari and Samsung’s engineers, students also worked on design skills, project management and problem-solving along with soft skills to be prepared for the future workplace.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented historical moment where, on the one hand, digital will play an increasingly central role for the growth of the country, becoming increasingly strategic in all industries and where, on the other hand, we do not have enough professionals with the appropriate skills is able to seize the opportunities that new technological trends are generating and will produce in the future. To reduce this gap, the only way to go is through training, at all levels. With Innovation Campus – Smart Things we want to do our part in reducing this gap, preparing our young people to face the jobs of the near future”
- Anastasia Buda, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Samsung Electronics Italy

“A beautiful and stimulating experience comes to end, lived in a period that has put everyday life in general education in a particular crisis. In contrast to a widespread fear that the pandemic situation will lead to a reduction in the effectiveness and usability of teaching, the participants in Innovation Campus – Smart Things were instead able to benefit from a multiplier of these parameters: a path that, in addition to being perfectly integrated into their academic career, it has opened a window on the technologies of the future, providing the cutting-edge content and valuable skills for professional success”
- Stefano Ferilli, the manager of the Smart Things convention for the University of Bari

Samsung Innovation Campus, lasting 245 hours, was integrated with the existing university courses. Twenty-five students from Bachelor’s Degree courses of the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics participated in the program, where they learned a range of theoretical lessons along with a final project to acquire real-life work skills.

Among them, five students who achieved the highest score on the final test and on the final project received a scholarship worth 1870€.


Final Projects

Urban Flora
The team used the skills acquired to design a solution to the problem of separate waste collection. Urban Flora is a solution aimed at solving the problem of separate waste collection. In fact, the app indicates the places where Reflessia collection points are located, that is smart bins powered by solar energy which, thanks to artificial intelligence are able to detect the type of waste and differentiate it, reducing errors in sorting. Through the constant use of smart bins and other activities aimed at promoting recycling supported by the application, it is possible to collect petal points to spend to make purchases at partner companies. The app also includes a section dedicated to reporting to monitor your goals and results and the ability to interact with the community.

At a time when training at home has become a habit, the team has focused on developing a solution that can help gyms. The FutureGym app leverages the technology of smart mirrors – intelligent mirrors – and tracking via beacom, to show information, useful and personalized data on the training to be performed via smartwatch, such as the number of repetitions and series for a given exercise, recovery time, and heart rate. The app, in addition to the training cards, also has a section for statistics on your results. Furthermore, thanks to the QR code, the user does not need a card to access the facilities and the staff can obtain information on access by monitoring the frequency and sending customized promotions for each customer.

Legionella Control System
Thanks to industry 4.0 technologies, the teams have identified a solution to cope with Legionella infections that can contract from water present in public and private water systems. The Legionella Control System app collects and monitors all information on the water system, offers staff training and maintenance. The IoT sensors are able to detect the quality of the water, report the identified problem to the staff, communicate any malfunctions of the system and, after asking the staff for authorization, intervene independently to solve them.

The team developed the idea of a smart whiteboard that transforms manually written text on a physical medium into digital content. By accessing the dedicated Ardesia platform, it will be possible to view the digitized content, collected and available in one place. The operation of the Ardesia blackboard equipped with Bluetooth is possible thanks to pressure sensors and infrared receivers present both on the instrument with which to write and draw, and on the eraser to remove the text.

With the aim of guaranteeing everyone a quality sleep, Sno-Snooze was designed by the working group after a careful analysis of the competitors and the target. The solution includes hardware that monitors the quality of sleep and collects data, reports noises and movement at night, detects vital signs, and is able to communicate in real-time with healthcare facilities in the event of an emergency. Through an app, Sno-Snooze is also able to communicate with other smart devices in the house and be customized with music from Spotify, videos from YouTube, audio recordings and provide information on the weather, traffic, or related to your agenda.

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At Samsung, our CSR vision is “Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People.” By offering education for future generations, Samsung enables the innovators of tomorrow to reach their full potential, and become the new leaders who will pioneer positive social change. We are committed to providing the future generation with all tools, knowledge, creativity, and empathy they need to thrive in a technology-driven future.

Samsung Electronics Italy is also conducting various digital education programs designed for students of all ages such as Samsung LetsApp and Samsung Innovation Campus.

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