[Infographic] Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Inspires Young Minds to Become the Seeds of Change

Imagine how different the future could be if young people were empowered to put their heads together to make a better world for us all. Samsung Solve for Tomorrow brings students from around the world together to do just this, encouraging them to use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects to find ways to solve the most pressing problems the world is currently facing.

Launched in the US in 2010, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow has become one of Samsung’s flagship educational programs, and has sparked creativity in 1.8 million students from across 23 countries during its eleven-year run.

Students participating in the program are afforded the chance to get involved in a range of educational experiences as they work to crystalize their ideas. Initiatives such as Design Thinking training (which is offered to participating teachers and students) and mentorships with Samsung employees are designed to nurture creative problem-solving, cooperation and communication skills among students.

The students’ innovative solutions often earn recognition on the global stage as well. For example, students from Dougherty Valley High School in California garnered attention from the Global Climate Action Summit after they designed a device that detects early-stage wildfires.

And Solve for Tomorrow is set to expand even further this year to reach students across more than 30 countries. The program, which used to be known by different names in different regions, is now globally standardized under a single brand name and has undergone changes to provide a more refined curriculum to every student. As even more countries join up, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow in Europe and Latin America have been receiving applications since March while programs in other regions are preparing to launch according to local academic calendars. To find out more, check out Samsung’s Global Corporate Citizenship Website and the Solve for Tomorrow website for your region.

Under Samsung’s guiding CSR vision of ‘Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People,’ Solve for Tomorrow and many other youth education programs are operating in a broad range of regions. Going forward, Samsung will continue to provide quality education for future generations to help them unleash their full potential and find innovative solutions to benefit the world.

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