Bringing Education to Young Students' Door

Samsung's response to Covid-19 pandemic in Italy

Samsung Electronics Italy has always been dedicated to support digital education and corporate responsibility activities for the Italian citizens. Especially during the Spring season, the Italian community was locked down and many were isolated without any interactions with the outside. In this context, Samsung Italy implemented several projects highlighting how technology can be a great ally in everyday life and even in the most challenging moments.

Samsung Summer Camp is a fun educational workshop for all children between the ages of 8 and 10. This year, Samsung Summer Camp experimented with a new way of using technology, enabling different creative experiences while promoting inclusion and development of important skills for young kids. In the virtually held creative workshop session, professional instructors conducted series of activities that could stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity even at home. In a music workshop, children made simple musical instruments with objects they could find at home and had fun time playing them together. Samsung Summer Camp also offered psychomotricity workshop, which is designed to help children develop empathy, affective, cognitive and motor skills. Through the different entertaining and educational workshops held every day, students of Samsung Summer Camp successfully completed the program with enhanced creativity, empathetic and social, motor skills.

Also as part of Samsung Smart Learning project, Samsung created a Smart Learning Kit, a useful tool for the optimal management of distance learning, and made it available to all teachers through the Samsung website. Samsung Smart Learning targeted every school, in order to give every students a chance to keep learning and to support teachers in finding alternative ways of teaching in the moment of an isolation due to the health emergency. Samsung's Smart Leaning Kit consist of a distance learning guide that offers specific tips and advice for each phases and activities of remote learning. The seven different chapters of the guide accompanies teachers simply and directly, with thorough explanation organizing preliminary phases of distance learning; pedagogical plan; choice of tools to start a lesson online; best way to conduct interactive lessons; and the best way to organize question sessions and activity works. The guide closes with a chapter entirely dedicated to the diverse smart learning activities that can work for online classes.

Samsung has decided reach out to the elderly as well, by moving SAVE for Seniors online. SAVE for Seniors is a corporate volunteering project created to teach elderly citizens of over 65 years of age on technological skills such as using smart devices. The topics covered in the special online edition this year were designed to help seniors stay connected in the pandemic. Samsung offered training sessions on instant messaging, video calls and social media, online shopping, and interactive cultural activities such as a virtual visit to a museum.

In addition, Samsung Electronics Italy took part in the Milano Aiuta which is an initiative launched by the City of Milan to support the Milanese citizens in the Covid-19 crisis. Samsung team provided technological skills to the elderly and other Milanese citizens who were going through difficult times. Citizens over 65 who called the number 020202 could receive information on the various assistance service in their area of residence and throughout the city. They could also talk to one of Samsung's 130+ digital angels, company volunteers who were experts in technology, to receive advice and instructions on how to get in touch with their family and friends through technological means such as Skype or WhatsApp.

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