Samsung Innovation Campus

Cultivate key human resources who will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution

Samsung Innovation Campus provides ICT education to students and unemployed youth.

Along with core competencies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, Coding and Programming, the program trains participants on a range of soft skills to foster talented youth who will go on to shape our future society.

Technology education for youth

Samsung Innovation Campus provides ICT education to youth who want to get a jobs in the ever evolving world of technology. Young people who want to develop their technical talents can learn about ICT technology and improve their skills through the program.

Samsung Innovation Campus also attempts to provide more underprivileged youth with access to education. We plan to build an online education platform to help more young people with diverse educational opportunities and diverse forms of training, helping them leverage their unique talents and abilities with education.

Samsung Innovation Campus educates youth to equip them with soft skills along with their technical skills so that they are not only equipped in with the handle specific assigned tasks, but they can grow into well-rounded professionals.

Samsung Innovation Campus defines core technologies leading the 4th Industrial Revolution as' AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile Platform, Coding&Programming'. In addition to this' technical competence training ', Samsung Innovation Campus also offers 'soft skill', which allows students to apply and recreate learned skills, and education to strengthen employment capabilities.

Italian student moves toward a goal of benefiting the lives of others.

Finding and following that passion

Carmen, a university student from Italy, dreams of a world where people in need of medical support can access facilities without going through complex processes. In high school, Carmen visited rural Thailand as a volunteer to teach, and noticed that many people with amputation had to struggle from time to time. This amplified her interest in robotics, especially its application in the medical field, like building prosthetics and artificial implantable organs.

Soaking up knowledge and broadening perspective

With the goal to build medical devices for those living without them, Carmen signed up for Samsung Innovation Campus. While she studies electronic engineering at the university, Samsung Innovation Campus offered the opportunity to nurture technical skills in computer science like machine learning, AI, and IoT, as well as soft skills. Carmen especially enjoyed lectures on IoT devices and their uses in the medical field, as her biggest interest lay in the application of engineering in biology and anatomy.

The ongoing journey to a better future

Through Samsung Innovation Campus, Carmen realized that soft power like resilience and emotional intelligence are what differentiates an extraordinary engineer from others. “Samsung Innovation Campus has empowered the world’s youth, including myself, with technology and expanded our path to create a world we wish to be a part of and live in,” says Carmen. “Now with my potential unlocked, I will push forward to reach my dream where my skills and knowledge can be used to make an impact.”

A new leap toward the IT industry

In Turkey, a lot of graduates of Samsung Innovation Campus have secured jobs after upskilling themselves through AI and IT classes. In 2020, 29 program graduates, which make up 58% of the year’s total students, are now employed, with some even starting their own business. This number climbs to 86% when including program participants who are currently still partaking in undergraduate studies. Batuhan is one of the graduates from 2020 who has successfully landed a job in the IT industry.

All-out support from various experts

While Batuhan has always had an interest in the field of IT, he could not take action as he was overwhelmed by the heavy workload and could not find clear motivation. However, things have changed as he participated in Samsung Innovation Campus. Experts of various fields provided thorough training and mentors gave practical advice on career decisions as well as guidance on projects. Batuhan especially learned a lot from a collaboration project with UN where he applied the tools and methods he learned.

An inspiring experience full of rewards

Batuhan says that Samsung Innovation Campus boosted his IT skills and inspired him to pursue a career in the field. “Thanks to my experience at Samsung Innovation Campus, I am now working as a software developer at an international IT service company,” he says. “The program is full of rewards. The hours of learning and hard work are all worth it in the end. So, if you have any interest in IoT, seek a comprehensive education, or wish to work in the field of IT, don’t hesitate!”