Samsung Innovation Campus Promotes Gender Parity in STEM

In Argentina, only 14% of women choose to study careers linked to STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).* Although there has been an increase in female presence, it is crucial to continue working at a societal level to reduce the gender gap. To address this issue, Samsung promotes Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) to enhance and stimulate the presence of women in these disciplines.

In addition to providing in-depth training, the program aims to support participants in their transition into the workforce by leveraging the knowledge they have acquired. One of SIC's primary objectives is to create an employability network.

This year's edition, which will commence in the coming months, will focus on offering workshops in specialized areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Aware of the current context and the impact of technological progress on society, this edition will be exclusively targeted at women aged between 18 and 24 years.

“At Samsung, we are committed to education because we believe it is the key to achieving positive social change. That is why we are launching the fourth edition of Samsung Innovation Campus, which aims to equip the next generation with the tools to succeed in the dynamic technological future. We particularly aim to promote the potential of women as agents of change and innovation,” declared Laura Lenzi, manager of Samsung's Corporate Citizenship in Argentina.

Photos of Carmen Sosa formerly graduate student and currently SIC mentor

Carmen Sosa: participant of the 2022 edition and SIC mentor

After her outstanding performance in the program, Carmen Sosa was invited by Samsung to become a SIC mentor. Currently, she is in her hometown, Tierra del Fuego, working as a teacher at a technical school, teaching upper secondary level students. In a conversation with her, she shared her motivations, reflections, tools acquired, and learnings from her participation in the program.

What were your motivations as a woman to enter the IT area?

At the age of 15, my interest in robotics and automation blossomed after I had the opportunity to travel to the United States and learn about new technologies. That visit was a turning point for me, and from that moment on, I knew with conviction that I wanted to study something related to the IT field.

What tools did SIC provide for your professional training?

SIC not only taught me the technical aspects of robotics but also self-awareness. The course provided me with invaluable knowledge by helping me discover my skills and strengths. Now, I strive to convey this same teaching to my students.

What learnings would you share with someone just starting their journey in STEM areas?

To all the girls starting their journey in STEM, I would say not to give up. Despite the impact of societal stereotypes, it is essential not to feel limited in pursuing your passions. Personally, I felt restricted as the only woman in my course, but I was fortunate to find support from my colleagues, which helped me continue striving for an opportunity in this field. Being part of SIC was incredibly rewarding for me. It validated all my efforts and work towards achieving my greatest goal.

Do you notice any progress in the fight for gender parity in STEM areas?

Since I started studying in 2019, I have noticed some progress, although it is minimal. There are still few women who dare to enter STEM fields. I am proud to meet girls who are on a similar path to mine, and I always try to convey a message of encouragement and support to them. From my position, I invite all girls interested in STEM to join SIC. It is a fantastic opportunity to take the first steps in this field and meet others who share the same passion, providing mutual support.

New steps towards greater female insertion in the professional field

To strengthen the previously mentioned female education and employability initiatives, Samsung and Randstad have formed an alliance to promote female insertion in the professional field. The primary purpose of this alliance is to improve employment opportunities for young women who have certified their learning through Samsung Innovation Campus program. Consequently, this partnership not only facilitates the participants' entry into their first job but also strengthens the connection between education and the corporate world.

“At Randstad, we are convinced that collaboration is key to enhancing the impact of our initiatives and achieving equal opportunities for access to quality work. We pay special attention to promoting programs that develop employability skills with a gender perspective in areas where women have historically had very low participation. The challenge is to level the playing field and ensure that everyone can access the same opportunities to develop their true potential,” declared Jorge Figueroa, Director of Public Affairs & Sustainability at Randstad Argentina and Uruguay.


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