Samsung Innovation Campus Türkiye Graduates Unveil Impactful AI Projects

Samsung Türkiye and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) celebrated the accomplishments of Samsung Innovation Campus graduates at an event at the Samsung Innovation Center. These graduates, having received extensive training in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, presented their innovative projects. Experienced Samsung employees will continue providing mentorship to these young innovators.

Samsung Innovation Campus Türkiye, a collaboration between Samsung Electronics Türkiye and UNDP Türkiye, has completed its sixth term. The initiative aims to equip young individuals with advanced skills beyond formal education, focusing on the latest technologies, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Artificial Intelligence, and career preparation. It encourages them to use their creativity and productivity for societal benefit. During the sixth term, students participated in three months of training on topics such as Data Science for the SDGs, Gender Equality in AI Technologies, Bias and Ethics, Business Readiness, Presentation Skills, and Inspirational Speaking, leading to the the development of projects with a social impact.

Highlighted Projects with Societal Impact

At the event held at the Samsung Innovation Center in Istanbul, graduates shared their projects. These students, from various provinces of Türkiye including earthquake-affected areas, recounted their success stories. Their projects addressed significant social issues in areas like health, transportation, and disaster management, aligning with the SDGs set by the 193 UN member states to be achieved by 2030.

Winning photos of Yasin Aksu and Mehtap Saatçı

Yasin Aksu and Mehtap Saatçı developed the "Anemia Detection Model," using innovative visual classification methods for anemia diagnosis through computer imaging and artificial intelligence. This project aligns with SDG 3 (Good health and well-being) and SDG 4 (Quality education), enhancing preventive health services.

Winning photos of Cevdet Eren Özbozkurt

Cevdet Eren Özbozkurt's "Real-Time Analysis of Post-Earthquake Land" project provides emergency logistical support to disaster victims through real-time analysis of post-earthquake land conditions, using AI-supported image processing of UAV-collected data to improve decision-making in disaster management.

Winning photos of Açelyanur Şen, Eminenur Yıldız, Kardelen Kaya, and Cevdet Eren Özbozkurt

The "Short-Term Demand Forecast for Istanbul Transportation Lines" by Açelyanur Şen, Eminenur Yıldız, Kardelen Kaya, and Cevdet Eren Özbozkurt predicts the hourly usage of public transport lines in Istanbul. This enables more effective management of routes and resources by the municipality and promotes public transport usage. The project demonstrates how data-based forecasts can enhance the environmental sustainability and efficiency of public services.

Mentorship Support from Samsung Employees

Graduates of the latest term of Samsung Innovation Campus will receive mentorship from experienced Samsung employees, who have also completed an AI Crash Course provided by UNDP's SDG AI Lab. This mentorship focuses on developing students' foundational skills, assisting in career planning, providing project insights, and preparing them for professional life.

Samsung Innovation Campus will continue to support the graduates to grow into outstanding changemakers who will create a better future through technology.


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