Inspiring Stories of Women from Samsung Innovation Campus India

In India, at the Samsung Innovation Campus, women are breaking barriers and driving innovation in technology, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future. Samsung’s CSR program ‘Samsung Innovation Campus’ in India upskills youth in future tech domains such as AI, IoT, Big Data and Coding & Programming, reiterating its commitment to being a strong partner of India and working alongside the Government in its mission to empowering the country’s youth and Powering Digital India.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has caused technology to develop at an unprecedented pace, with the most advanced technologies such as AI, continuing to shape industry and innovation around the world. By pursuing research and work in STEM fields, these young women are breaking down societal barriers and showing how anyone can become leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

One of the Samsung Innovation Campus programs in Vishakhapatnam had an all-girls batch of 153 students, reiterating Samsung’s commitment to diversity. All the young women were mentored and trained at Dr. Lankapalli Bullaya College, Vishakhapatnam. Among 153 students, 75 were trained in AI and 78 in Big Data.

Here are some inspiring stories of women making a difference at the Samsung Innovation Campus in India:

Pushing Boundaries to Learn Machine Learning

Meet Mansi Pandey, a passionate student at the Samsung Innovation Campus. Mansi wants to design and implement programs that empower young women to pursue careers in technology. Through her machine learning skills, she wants to help young women acquire valuable skills in coding, software development, and artificial intelligence.

“Before Samsung Innovation Campus, I never had mentors who could teach me anything about AI or ML. I was always struggling to find the right kind of education.” Mansi is now working in Gurgaon as a trainee at a tech firm, but she wants to make sure that she passes on her skills to younger women in the family.

“I am on a journey of learning but whatever I have learnt during my course at Samsung Innovation Campus, I am teaching my peers because it is my dream to be a part of a community of women in STEM. We are all pushing boundaries together to learn and grow,” said Mansi. Mansi’s dedication to bridging the gender gap in tech education is truly inspiring.

Leading by Example

Shrabani Behera, a Coding & Programming student at Samsung Innovation Campus, is challenging stereotypes and redefining what it means to be a woman in STEM. With her strong analytical skills and attention to detail, Shrabani has learnt coding and programming to become a data scientist in the future. The only girl in her family to study science, Shrabani has always loved learning about the design and development of applications.

“I am from Sambalpur in Odisha, a city of art and textiles. I grew up surrounded by a rich historical and cultural heritage, but my interest was always in technology. I wanted to know how so many people could access the applications that work on such small mobile devices at the same time. Seeing my fascination with numbers and technology, my mother inspired me to pursue science and math, even though women are not motivated to go into STEM,” said Shrabani.

Shrabani made it through the course with many hurdles in her way, and now she is working to educate young women in her STEM community. “Until and unless young women know the benefits of STEM, they won’t take it up. I want to motivate them to not give up,” Shrabani added. Her journey serves as a reminder that gender should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion in technology.

Innovating for Social Impact

Sneha Verma is a 3rd year B. Tech student from Lucknow University. She joined Samsung Innovation Campus for the course in AI to become an AI scientist in the future. Inspired by Mother Teresa, Sneha wants to use her skills to work for the safety of women in India.

“My dream is to become an AI scientist. I want to do research in the field of AI and use the technology for the safety of women in India. I want to achieve innovations that are easily accessible so that anyone can afford them,” said Sneha.

“Samsung Innovation Campus taught me that success lies in a solid plan, clear goals and constant learning,” she added.

Becoming a Pro at Data Viz

Sunaina Banu's dream is to live the dream of her father, who is also her biggest inspiration and role model. "My dad is an engineer and I think I got my love for STEM from him, but when it came to learning the nuances of big data, Samsung Innovation Campus helped me in this journey of growth,” said Sunaina.

Sunaina wants to become a data engineer to bring data-driven, modern solutions to environmental problems. "I am from Bangalore. We have some of the most beautiful parks and oldest trees in our city. People know Bangalore more for its traffic than its trees, so I want to bring a data-driven solution to this problem once I become a data engineer," she explained.

“Samsung Innovation Campus has allowed me to dream bigger and better,” said Sunaina.


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