Samsung Innovation Campus Kazakhstan Alumni's Journey to Tech Leadership

In today’s digital era, terms like "artificial intelligence," "big data," and "neural networks" are critical to the technologies shaping our world. Recognizing the importance of programming skills in this context, Samsung has played a pivotal role in offering courses to students in Kazakhstan, helping them to build careers and enhance their knowledge and professional capabilities.

Hear from young Kazakhstanis whose lives have been transformed after learning digital skills at Samsung Innovation Campus.

Dauletbek Hamza, a passionate student with a strong interest in mathematics and a goal to become a developer, took programming courses at the Samsung Innovation Campus when he was a student at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Alfa Lavi Kazakh National University. “Having found out that you can learn programming there for free, I immediately applied,” says Dauletbek. After becoming proficient in C++, Python, and other languages, he explored his interest in robotics and mentored other students.

In 2023, Dauletbek was named "Best Teacher of the Year" by TikTok for a two-minute video he produced that demonstrated how to assemble a robot using a popular programming platform. The video went viral, brought him widespread attention, and showcased his innovative teaching methods, earning praise from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“The most important thing for me is that a lot of schoolchildren and students began to contact me to understand some topic, to consult. I am happy to see that I am making my contribution to the development of programming in our country,” said Dauletbek.

Akbota Muzafarova's path through the Samsung Innovation Campus highlights its supportive educational framework. At first, the world of programming was something completely incomprehensible to her. Over time, she began to delve deeper into the subject and realized that she wanted to become an IT specialist in the field of artificial intelligence. After deciding to start with the basics of programming, Akbota began actively looking for training courses.

"I explored numerous options online, but Samsung's strong reputation and the structured training programs, along with the certifications provided, were crucial in my decision," Akbota explained.

She is now focused on mastering Python at the Samsung Innovation Campus. With her developing skills, Akbota plans to enter the healthcare industry, aiming to develop software that helps doctors diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

For Almaz Racine, the Samsung Innovation Campus was more than just an educational platform; it was where he found community, career direction, and mentorship. “At Samsung Innovation Campus, I found like-minded peers and great teachers. Thanks to them, I realized what I wanted to achieve and where to go next,” said Almaz.

“As I took two courses: Android Java Developer and Python Developer, I could study with two wonderful teachers, Zhuldyz and Ilya. The excellent professionals taught me extraordinary ways of solving problems. I am very thankful that I acquired necessary knowledge and brilliant insight,” he added.

After Samsung Innovation Campus, Almaz started a new journey pursuing further education abroad. Studying at Beijing University of Technology, he is planning to launch his own startup in the future.

Beyond these personal achievements, the Samsung Innovation Campus in Kazakhstan promotes a culture of teamwork and problem-solving. Since its inception in 2017, the program has equipped thousands of young people with fundamental programming skills, contributing to the growth of the local and global IT sector.

Overall, Samsung’s commitment to developing talent and fostering innovation in Kazakhstan is evident through its support of future tech leaders. Each year, the Samsung Innovation Campus attracts more participants from Kazakhstan, offering them opportunities to explore and succeed in the tech industry.


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