Empowering Learning Landscapes through Educational Outreach

Samsung Electronics is actively committed to cultivating the next generation of leaders by empowering youth development. This commitment is manifested through a range of educational corporate social responsibility initiatives, operating at both local and global levels. These programs engage not only students but also educators and experts worldwide, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Among them, Samsung Smart School and Classroom of the Future programs stand out, offering support for a diverse range of digital devices such as tablets and TVs within the classroom. Incorporating and connecting Samsung’s state-of-the-art technology with primary and secondary schools, these programs establish a digital learning environment for students, while simultaneously equipping teachers with the necessary tools and training to implement interactive teaching methodologies utilizing new technology.

These initiatives not only drive innovation in the education sector but also redefine the dynamics between students and teachers, strengthening essential competencies in the digital age. Samsung Electronics’ youth education programs are solidifying their position as a vital process in nurturing both present and future leaders.

Korea: Digital learning at Samsung Smart School in Korea

Inspiring digital learning across boundaries

Samsung Smart School has been a transformative force in Korea since 2012, operating across 250 schools, primarily aiding rural elementary and special schools. Beyond just providing IT devices, the program focused on comprehensive educational solutions and teacher training, igniting a profound interest from schools, teachers, and students alike.

The active engagement of passionate teachers, like Yoonsung Hwang from Seosang Elementary, amplified the program’s success. Hwang remarked on its insightful training, shaping his approach to Smart School classes, “The course gave me a lot of insight and will be my guide on how to organize Smart School classes in the future.” He also expressed plans to expand the accessibility of the Smart School framework and share expertise with neighboring schools. Hwang eagerly anticipates the ‘Digital Citizen’ training, an online content for students to contemplate digital ethics and inclusivity.

Simultaneously, Kim Jeong-hoon, an educator from Eunkwang School catering to visually impaired and intellectually disabled students, aimed to bridge educational and digital gaps, particularly in rural areas. “I want to create an environment where students could pursue their dreams without encountering educational disparities,” Kim shared. His plans included empowering visually impaired students to independently use smart devices for learning and fostering socialization through student-organized clubs linking smart education with software and AI education.

India: Digital learning at Samsung Smart School in India

Enhancing classroom enjoyment with digital devices

Beyond Korea, Samsung Smart School has also made significant strides in India, notably in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) in Patna’s Bikram village. Seventh-grader Ankita found her passion for science augmented by Smart School tools like Samsung tablets, enhancing her learning experience. The program’s reach extended to over 5,000 students and provided digital teaching training to approximately 170 educators, fostering aspirations among students and faculty.

With a mission to bridge the digital gap and unlock the untapped potential of students, Samsung Smart School is dedicated to crafting a customized educational landscape that nurtures aspirations in both Korea and India.

Spain: Teachers gather to create the Classroom of the Future

Empowering teachers to revitalize the classroom

In Spain, Samsung partnered with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, along with the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports of Castilla-La Mancha, unveiling the ninth ‘Classroom of the Future’.

The Classroom of the Future is an innovative space that serves as a model for teachers, encouraging the seamless integration of new technologies into their teaching methods. It prioritizes developing student’s competencies beyond mere content acquisition, emphasizing the restructuring of learning environments. It introduces a flexible, adaptable learning environment comprising six distinct zones: Investigate, Explore, Interact, Develop, Create, and Present, designed to rejuvenate teaching and learning approaches by placing students in the forefront while guiding teachers to be mentors. To facilitate this, teachers utilize the online Classroom of the Future toolkit.

Since 2021, Classroom of the Future has offered training to over 3,800 individuals across 89 courses, including teachers, training advisors, and program managers in educational administrations. Mónica Domínguez, the general director at the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, expressed satisfaction, stating, “We are delighted to have their dedicated space within the national network of Classrooms of the Future for teacher training.”

Under the agreement between Samsung and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, along with participation from communities, the initiative foresees an additional 20 Classrooms of the Future in teacher training centers across Spain over the next three years. The Classroom of the Future will aid teachers in enhancing their skills and daily teaching practices, acting as a fundamental shift in this society.

Samsung Electronics’ commitment to shaping the future of education is vividly demonstrated through initiatives like Samsung Smart School and Classroom of the Future. These endeavors highlight the company’s dedication to providing digital learning opportunities to students and empowering teachers with comprehensive training. By actively bridging the digital education gap, Samsung strives to offer global learning opportunities free from regional limitations.


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