Empowering Educators with Design Thinking Training in Solve for Tomorrow Türkiye

The Design Thinking training in SETK’s Solve for Tomorrow program continues to expand, focusing on both students and teachers.

Samsung Türkiye’s Solve for Tomorrow program continues to grow its significance by incorporating trainings with a focus on both students and teachers. Throughout the program, aimed at addressing challenges for a better future together, both students and teachers embraced Design Thinking Training workshops.

The teachers regard Solve for Tomorrow as a facilitator for discovering new solutions for the world’s most pressing problems, and as a mean to connect with students, fostering collaboration for innovative solutions. Samsung Türkiye’s Solve for Tomorrow program currently has 469 volunteer mentors and teachers from 55 cities with Design Thinking Trainings.

The designers, SETM experts, and instructors involved in Solve for Tomorrow emphasize the innovative approach of the program and highlight its unique and significant role concerning initiatives aimed at young people.

The participants in the Design Thinking training for teachers indicate that they've gained new, inspiring knowledge.

One of the participant teachers from Bursa, Ecem Muslu, shares, “Solve for Tomorrow has opened ways for me to create environments that foster my students' creative thinking, enabling them to gain heightened awareness of current global challenges and nurture innovative thinking for solutions. I extend my sincere thanks to Samsung Türkiye and Habitat Association for this opportunity.”

The Photo of Ecem Muslu

The Photo of Ecem Muslu

A program focusing on strong Design Thinking (Teachers’ Design Thinking Training)

Solve for Tomorrow provides high-quality education to young individuals taking Design Thinking as its core. Participants, including students and volunteer teachers engaged in “Design Thinking Workshops," will undergo training structured around a five-step process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This training aims to cultivate innovative yet feasible ideas and draws from Stanford University's "Design Thinking in Integrated Design Education" study. The program is designed to enhance students’ STEM competencies and comprises a three-stage competition – Preliminary Round, Semi-final and Final. Throughout these stages, participating students receive mentorship from professionals, along with various training sessions to nurture their project development process.

Recognized for its impact, Solve for Tomorrow was honoured with the Felis Award in two categories: “Access to Quality Education” and “Creating Opportunities for Children and Youth”. The program will continue to support young individuals in collaboratively shaping a better future while expanding its reach across the country.

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