Samsung Innovation Campus to be launched in Jordan

Samsung Electronics Levant recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the King’s Academy in Jordan to launch Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC), under the slogan “Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People”. In a mutual effort to foster essential human capacities who will be the force behind the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A team from Samsung’s Research and Development Center Jordan will be conducting the training sessions. The R&D center was established by Samsung in 2014 to support local businesses, based on local language and culture; and to develop local-based services and contents. The curriculum they designed is based on their current operations, which primarily focuses on AI, IoT, Big Data, B2B, and field tests. By the end of the program students will know how to control a robot and use Python to program it. Through the program, students will prepare themselves for their transition to the job market or university.

The King’s Academy will present qualified candidates from their school. Students will be selected based on their interest in developing their technical skills. The King’s Academy will provide the space needed to conduct training sessions.

Samsung believes that innovation does not always happen in the office, and it should push beyond traditional boundaries and inspire more people to be involved. Samsung Innovation Campus will include education on core competencies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, Coding, and Programming.

To foster well-rounded professionals, students will be trained in a wide range of soft skills such as communication, empathy, creativity, and collaboration, as well as technology.

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