Samsung celebrates young innovators in the Solve for Tomorrow Europen Fair

On July 7 and 12, the first edition of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow European Fair brought together the winners of the local Solve for Tomorrow competitions from age 12 to 25, from across Europe, to present their creative solutions, network and connect with other like-minded peers, and celebrate the next generation of changemakers.

At the Solve for Tomorrow Fair, young, bright minds of different nationalities and different backgrounds pitched their tech solutions that address various societal problems, from environmental sustainability to online safety, education, and diversity and inclusion. Using innovative thinking and creative problem-solving, the teams came up with innovative mobile applications, platforms, AI, and VR solutions.

In the past months, these teams all took part in national Solve for Tomorrow contests, which guided them through the process of reframing and materializing ideas using Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, collaboration, and creativity.

This Fair was an opportunity like no other to give a voice to young innovators and future social entrepreneurs to inspire and get inspired to create a better world, with the help of technology.

Distinguished policy makers, including Members of the European Parliament Ivan Štefanec and Victor Negrescu, young social entrepreneurs and education experts joined the Fair to inspire and guide the promising young changemakers in their innovation journey. They shared advice on how to turn ideas into reality, what skills are pivotal for innovators, and how to launch and develop a business.

“The current and next generation need to be properly educated in the STEM areas so that humankind can keep up with the evolution of technology. Many of the Fair participants will personally contribute to the resolution of environmental or societal issues; the long journey to making that happen starts now,” said Ivan Štefanec, Member of the European Parliament.

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