The First Edition of Samsung Innovation Campus in Algeria - Artificial intelligence on the training menu

The first edition of Innovation Campus – an education program providing AI courses followed by a certification ceremony – was developed by the Samsung Electronics Algeria Branch together with GoMyCode. Innovation Campus offers students digital skills reflecting new technological trends, in line with the demands of a constantly evolving job market.

Students applied for Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses with mentoring by professors from the University of Algiers and Tlemcen selected with the support of GoMyCode for the project.

Students worked on design skills, project management, and problem solving, along with soft skills such as HR and preparation for job interviews. They also found motivation to be prepared for their future workplace in a post-COVID-19 era.

The objective of this training is to allow people passionate about the world of AI to acquire desired training in a sector with high potential, and thus open-up new professional prospects for them. The program reflects the vision of Samsung to empower young people looking to enter the labor market focused on new technologies.

The latest technological developments and innovation will transform traditional industries and daily life in Algeria, both in the region and around the world. Samsung Innovation Campus aims to foster local skills in new technologies and consequently contribute to the digital transformation of Algeria, while realizing the vision to construct an economy based on knowledge.

-Attouchi Riadh, Sr.Manager Corporate Marketing of Samsung Electronics Algeria Branch

One of the most worthwhile experiences I have had. I am extremely grateful to have met such amazing people. These memories will last a lifetime.

-Imene Manel, Student of SIC AI course 2021 edition

During this summer, I had the chance to be one of the participants in the Artificial Intelligence program offered by Samsung and GoMyCode called Samsung Innovation Campus. This was an amazing opportunity where we delved deeper into this field, starting from basic Python programming to machine learning and deep learning notions. During this training, I met many other Data Science and AI enthusiasts, where we shared ideas and knowledge.

-Thiziri Kashi, Student of SIC AI course 2021 edition

Samsung Innovation Campus lasted for 240 hours with 30 participating students of Bachelor’s Degree courses at the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. Students experienced a range of theoretical lessons and completed a final project to acquire practical work skills.

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