[Journey to a Better Future] Boost our future leaders’ confidence

Samsung Electronics’ corporate citizenship programs aim to inspire and educate younger generations, guiding students around the world towards achieving their dreams. Behind the scenes of these programs are Samsung employees across the world devoting their time, energy, and effort to creating a better tomorrow.

The #JourneyToABetterFuture series presents the voices of Samsung employees in charge of youth education programs worldwide. Alongside the employees’ stories in helping young people to become the next generation of leaders, the series shares the stories of students from Samsung’s corporate citizenship programs about how they are achieving their dreams.

“At Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, students can develop their competence and boost confidence as they try to make positive changes in the community.”

In Malaysia, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow launched in 2020. Since then, a total of 250 students from 83 schools have participated, and the program has been led by Dato’ Roh, Director of Corporate Affairs of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a youth education program that helps students develop and implement creative solutions using STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) knowledge to solve challenges in their communities. Dato’ and his team recently rolled out a mentorship program for the participants of Solve for Tomorrow.

“Composed of Samsung Electronics employees and university students, the mentors regularly meet with the participants, and give them advice on various aspects from prototype development to presentation,” says Dato’. “The mentors are the students’ companion throughout the entire process of developing solutions – boosting their confidence as well as giving technical support.”

Above all, Dato’ is proud to help the youth of rural areas to expand their imagination in the STEM field, amid the lack of educational opportunities compared to those in large cities.

“Most of education programs are available in urban areas, but you can participate in Solve for Tomorrow anywhere without any restriction since the entire program is online. Solve for Tomorrow can also help the young students with no background in STEM find their passion in the field and eventually their career path.”

While many students may believe that STEM is difficult and abstract, Dato’ believes that Solve for Tomorrow will provide the exact information and education the youngsters need.

“Solve for Tomorrow participants learn how to find solutions using STEM in various situations while developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. I hope more students sign up to develop the skills required in the future society and become the leaders to drive the future.”

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