Rewriting the Future: Education
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As we move beyond the pandemic and look to build a more equitable, sustainable, and enriched community for all in 2022, the time to shape our collective success in the post-pandemic future is now. Foresight in this moment calls for a rewrite of the future by both addressing the vulnerabilities that have been presented in the last 19 months and examining the opportunities that lie ahead. As part of a multi-part video series, Samsung employees across business areas have been sharing their views on the future of innovation, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and health & well-being. And this is their take on education.

The past three school years have been disruptive—not just for students all around the world, but also for educators and institutions. The path forward in education requires blending technology with social connection, embedding equity and empathy as core values, and teaching students how to think and engage with the world around them – not just pass an exam.

Here’s what our employees have to say about the importance of STEM education to foster critical thinking and spur innovation; the impact that the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow STEM competition has had on students, educators, schools, and local communities; and how Samsung’s multi-faceted internship program broadens the student experience beyond the traditional workplace setting with volunteerism and community action-based initiatives.

Rewriting the Future: Education

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