[Journey to a Better Future] Unleashing the Dreams of the Italian Youth

Samsung Electronics’ corporate citizenship programs aim to inspire and educate younger generations, guiding students around the world towards achieving their dreams. Behind the scenes of these programs are Samsung employees across the world devoting their time, energy, and effort to creating a better tomorrow.

The #JourneyToABetterFuture series presents the voices of Samsung employees in charge of youth education programs worldwide. Alongside the employees’ stories in helping young people to become the next generation of leaders, the series shares the stories of students from Samsung’s corporate citizenship programs about how they are achieving their dreams.

“We go beyond simply delivering technical knowledge to the young. We help them realize their potential. The young generation with passion and knowledge are the ones who lead and create a better future.”

Anastasia Buda, Corporate Citizenship Manager at Samsung Electronics Italy has been with Samsung for over 13 years and has been leading corporate citizenship programs for the youth of Italy since 2015.

Anastasia believes that supporting the education of the younger generation is the best investment for a better future and a more sustainable world. She believes that the small challenges they tackle for their community grow to become what can change the world.


As a Corporate Citizenship Manager, Anastasia seeks to empower the young generation through Samsung Innovation Campus, where the students build essential tech skills of the future like AI, IoT, coding, and programming. It provides a community for the youth to start and sustain a dialogue where they can express their needs, unleash their potential, and follow their dreams.

“Samsung Innovation Campus is more than delivering technical knowledge. It fosters the youth’s passion and dream, and provides a way to realize them,” says Anastasia. “It is always exciting to support students full of potential that are eager to learn and develop more skills in AI and IoT. Personally, I’m impressed not only by their knowledge but their curiosity, enthusiasm, and will to take on an active role in building a better society.”


Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, Anastasia emphasizes that corporate citizenship programs for youth education have become more important. “Opportunities for students to speak out and share their thoughts have shrunk drastically since the pandemic. Our responsibility at Samsung’s Corporate Citizenship has become even more important during these trying times, to stay more committed and close to the young.”

In 2020 when the virus impacted Italy on full scale, Samsung Electronics’ employees volunteered to support supported local teachers with technologies that enable virtual classrooms and facilitate their classes. With Samsung’s tools and know-how, the teachers could conduct virtual lessons that are fun and engaging.


Samsung employees also worked with the City of Milan to run a call center to assist its citizens during the lockdown. More than 130 employees answered calls from people who were struggling to use technology to remain connected amidst the lockdown. These employee volunteers helped them video-call their loved ones, search for health information online and access services provided by the city.

Anastasia and her team also organized a special event for the children of Italy: a virtual summer camp for 8- to 10-year-olds. More than 300 children participated in the two-month program and enjoyed the at-home music, arts, and gym classes engaging with teachers and friends through technology.

Anastasia wants the young to remind themselves to always be curious and to never lose the will to learn.

“Always investigate how your skills can help others. Be ready to completely change everything if you realize you’re not happy with what you are doing,” says Anastasia. “At Samsung Electronics, we believe in the power of innovation and technology that will help us move closer to the better future, and we will be by your side on your journey towards it.”

Find out more about Anastasia and Italy’s youth who wish to create a better world in the video below.

Journey to a Better Future - Italy | Samsung

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