Digital Skills Are Even More of Value in This School Year

In a situation caused by COVID-19, lots of schools have made changes in their learning methods as students and teachers have had to embrace online-classes. No matter what the new school year brings, digital knowledge and skills on how to act in a world like this are more important than ever. That is why Samsung Electronics Baltics continue their Corporate Citizenship program Student’s Digital IQ.

Last school year, the survey initiated by Samsung in the Baltics showed that although young people spend a tremendous amount of time in the digital world, their knowledge of cybersecurity and appropriate online behavior in some fields are quite modest. For example, three-quarters of young people accept friend requests in social media from total strangers, 71 percent never log off their social media accounts and 66 percent behave in a different way online than in reality.

Therefore, Samsung Corporate Citizenship program implemented in Baltics states Student’s Digital IQ has been sharing digital knowledge, rising a discussion on netiquette matters, and called Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian school children to create and share their online behavior rules.

We carried out lectures, produced videos, and organized competition, where students could create teaching materials for cybersecurity, cyberbullying, and overall online behavior, so-called netiquette. However, the situation in the world right now has made cybersecurity even more important. So, it was decided to continue the educational program for young people this following school year.

In cooperation with competent partners in the region such as Information System Authority and innovation center Mektory in Estonia, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Safer Internet Centre, Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, and Latvian Safer Internet Center, to name only a few, Digital IQ is producing new instructional videos and materials which will be published in the program’s webpages and shared on social media. Also, a new competition for young people to engage as many schoolchildren as possible will be announced. Its objective is to give them a push to think about their behavior and habits while being in cyberspace.

Online videos and free of charge online lectures about cyberbullying and security, digital literacy, inappropriate content, online addiction, and more topics can be found in the program’s webpages – digitaalneiq.ee , skaitmeninisiq.lt and skolanakotnei.lv .

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