samsung Smart School

Education that can enable anyone to do anything

Samsung technology helps create future classrooms where anyone can learn to do anything. In future classrooms, anyone can pursue their passions for knowledge and bypass any physical limitations with technology-based learning, which may previously have been difficult. Samsung envisions a future of education where even students who live in rural, remote and isolated areas can interact with other students as well as subject experts around the world to enhance their learning, and even students with developmental challenges can learn to maximize their capabilities through bespoke education, utilizing digital devices.

Bridging the educational gap through technology

Since 2012, Samsung Smart School has been supporting schools in rural and remote areas that lack digital educational resources. Since 2016, the program has reached out to various educational institutions, including hospital schools, multicultural schools and special needs schools. Samsung Smart School provides selected institutions with Samsung smart devices as well as tailored future education models and technology solutions to begin a real change in classroom learning. There are numerous examples how Smart School has brought about tangible changes.

A small school in a remote, isolated area with only five students which was once at a risk of being closed down, has been transformed into an education hub in town with an increase in the number of enrolled students and much improved student performances.

Student with developmental disabilities, who could not take a bus without someone's help, are now practicing riding a bus using VR simulation. Soon, they will be able to take a bus and go to school by themselves.

There is a school in South Korea near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas. The school is isolated from other cities and centers of commerce. However, this area is no exception to the impact of Samsung Smart School, enabling students to interact with students from other countries through digital devices and tech-based learning and helping them find their passions in class, hopefully leading to a their dream jobs one day.

Ceaseless efforts towards ongoing changes

Education should be equally accessible to everyone. Samsung Electronics has made consistent efforts to improve and innovate educational environments across the globe over the past 10 years, thinking about the future. Samsung Smart School is a model for the future of education that enables access through digital technology, empowering young students to be more creative and better able to take initiatives in the future, which may be more unpredictable and complex than ever before.

Students and teachers building a future classroom together

Teachers and students are both extremely important to creating a positive classroom experience. Samsung Smart School runs the ‘EduHack’ program to help the schools overcome the difficulties relating to lack of resources and find solutions, providing teachers with quality educational resources for a better teaching and educational experience. Also, Samsung Future Teacher Award is given to teachers who dedicated themselves and worked behind the scenes to innovate education.

Accumulated number of Smart School students around the world
(As of 2020)
How can we train the developmentally challenged to obtain good jobs and help them stand on their own feet? BEAR.BETTER. sought to answer through Samsung Smart School.

BEAR.BETTER. is a company that hires those with developmentally challenged. It is a social enterprise that empowers those who have limitations, but are eager to learn and grow, helping them grow their job skills. About 240 employees also make deliveries to customers using the subway system, but the company have noticed that some of them had difficulties with the busy public transportation. Additionally, the company needed to streamline the roles and responsibilities so that the employees can work more conveniently with effective job training. This is when BEAR.BETTER. came Samsung Smart School for help.

Simulation of Delivery

Samsung Smart School listened to Bear.Better. and developed an app for job training. However, there were not many examples and references for applications to help those developmentally challenged. Samsung employee volunteers and HR manager of Bear.Better dedicated together three months developing an app called ‘VR Delivery Friends’.

Job skills training through VR

VR technology enables the employees to engage in practical training to get familiar with exactly what they need to do in real-life situations. Before Smart School, job training was provided only by qualified training staffs although these employees needed repetitive training. The VR training broke down the inefficient and time-consuming process and offered a convenient and easy solution. The VR solution will also reach out to other special schools and job training programs.

Teaching near the North Korean border

I'm Jung-min Kim, a teacher at Kunnae Elementary School. Our school is located close to North Korea within a small buffer area which restricts the entrance into the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This place is quiet and isolated. It’s not easy working here but I do feel a sense of calling as a teacher. There are only 6 classes with five students per class, but the students are very enthusiastic.

Connecting through Smart Classrooms

I have always tried to incorporate technology into learning and Smart Classrooms are an essential part of my curriculum. I vividly remember how happy my students were with their new Smart School Classroom features – high-speed internet, electronic blackboards and laptops. Before, it was difficult for them to access digital devices and learn about other parts of the world. Now through Smart School facilities, they can go anywhere around the globe online. Of course, we have real-life trips too. We’ll be going to Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon during this winter vacation. Everyone is really excited.

A steppingstone towards peace

As the students began to experience the world through Smart School Classrooms, they’ve learned more about North Korea, which is close geographically, but still worlds away in so many ways. They now say they want to serve as a "steppingstone towards peace" for reunification on the Korean peninsula. Smart School has helped them think about big ideas and the broader world. I want to do my best to leverage technology and access to information as a teacher and continue to encourage my students to think beyond their immediate world.

Ancient culture meets modern education

Serres is a city in Macedonia, Greece, a significant place in ancient history. Today, this is where Samsung Electronics is empowering young students through technology. Among them are the students at the 13th Primary School - both local Greek and approximately 30 refugee boys and girls.

Breaking barriers through technology

Since 2015, immigration in Greece has increased dramatically due to the ongoing Syrian Civil War. There were more than 856,000 arrivals by sea in Greece. Refugees children try to learn the Greek language and assimilate but it isn’t always easy. To help their refugee classmates overcome the language barrier, the students at the 13th Primary School of Serres took an action. As a part of a coding competition hosted by Samsung Electronics Hellas and the British Council, the students created a "Help Friend" app designed to assess students’ emotions and improve communications with the faculty. Using Smart Classroom tools, the students incorporated Kurdish and Arabic translation features as well. This enabled inclusiveness and mutual understanding among the student body.

Nurturing young minds for a better tomorrow

Working with local governments, the academic communities and non-profit organizations around the globe, Samsung has established programs – including Smart Classrooms and the Coding Competition in Greece – empowering students with the knowledge and skills needed to advance in life, both personally and professionally. From establishing digital classrooms in rural communities to engaging the students in hands-on STEAM learning, Samsung hopes to enable everyone to reach their full potential and pioneer innovations that will help address the societal issues of tomorrow.