Samsung Smart School

Education that can enable anyone to do anything

Samsung technology helps create future classrooms where anyone can learn to do anything. In future classrooms, anyone can pursue their passions for knowledge and bypass any physical limitations with technology-based learning, which may previously have been difficult. Samsung envisions a future of education where even students who live in rural, remote and isolated areas can interact with other students as well as subject experts around the world to enhance their learning, and even students with developmental challenges can learn to maximize their capabilities through bespoke education, utilizing digital devices.

Bridging the educational gap through technology

Since 2012, Samsung Smart School has been supporting schools in rural and remote areas that lack digital educational resources. Since 2016, the program has reached out to various educational institutions, including hospital schools, multicultural schools and special needs schools. Samsung Smart School provides selected institutions with Samsung smart devices as well as tailored future education models and technology solutions to begin a real change in classroom learning. There are numerous examples how Smart School has brought about tangible changes.

A small school in a remote, isolated area with only five students which was once at a risk of being closed down, has been transformed into an education hub in town with an increase in the number of enrolled students and much improved student performances.

Student with developmental disabilities, who could not take a bus without someone's help, are now practicing riding a bus using VR simulation. Soon, they will be able to take a bus and go to school by themselves.

There is a school in South Korea near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas. The school is isolated from other cities and centers of commerce. However, this area is no exception to the impact of Samsung Smart School, enabling students to interact with students from other countries through digital devices and tech-based learning and helping them find their passions in class, hopefully leading to a their dream jobs one day.

Ceaseless efforts towards ongoing changes

Education should be equally accessible to everyone. Samsung Electronics has made consistent efforts to improve and innovate educational environments across the globe over the past 10 years, thinking about the future. Samsung Smart School is a model for the future of education that enables access through digital technology, empowering young students to be more creative and better able to take initiatives in the future, which may be more unpredictable and complex than ever before.

Students and teachers building a future classroom together

Teachers and students are both extremely important to creating a positive classroom experience. Samsung Smart School runs the ‘EduHack’ program to help the schools overcome the difficulties relating to lack of resources and find solutions, providing teachers with quality educational resources for a better teaching and educational experience. Also, Samsung Future Teacher Award is given to teachers who dedicated themselves and worked behind the scenes to innovate education.

SeoSang Elementary School – once on the verge of closure, now the representative school in the community

The first step to bridging the education gap ‘Samsung Smart School’

SeoSang Elementary School, a small school located in Seomyun, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do was grappling with a widening educational gap with schools in the city due to their lack of cultural facilities and private academies nearby, and thus ever a dwindling number of entering students.
Being selected as a Samsung Smart School for the second time after in 2013, SeoSang Elementary School is conducting digital classes with the aim to enhance students’ future capabilities using digital devices such as Samsung Flip (interactive display), tablets, chrome books, and classroom renovation backed by Samsung.
Back in 2013, SeoSang Elementary School faced the risk of closure with only five students entering each year. However, after being selected as a Samsung Smart School, the number of new students gradually increased to twelve and now it has become a popular school that even students in nearby cities wish to get in.

“I feel great pleasure seeing my students change through Smart School.”

Teacher Mincheol Jang says that the way his students deal with smart devices has changed after Smart School. “It’s a pleasant surprise to see the students using smart devices more freely and creatively than I do. They always try out new things with the devices. Kids who used to only consume content on YouTube are now utilizing the smart devices as tools for their own creation.”
According to teacher Yoonsung Hwang who taught the 4th graders, students participate more actively in class after experiencing Samsung Smart School. “At some point, I noticed how fast my students are changing. Especially those who were shy during the class then started to raise their hands and express their opinions more actively after using Flip. This made me reconsider the importance of classroom environment,” says teacher Hwang who is proud of their students’ progress.

Future Education of SeoSang Elementary School

SeoSang Elementary School attempts to provide its students with opportunities to produce, edit and distribute content, and learn about internet ethics such as intellectual property and portrait rights. In addition, they are planning after-school activities which students can take part in voluntarily as well as new classes aimed at enhancing students’ problem-solving skills. The successful models of their experiments and know-hows will be shared with nearby schools. Let’s look forward to SeoSang Elementary School’s growth and how the students will nurture their dreams through Samsung Smart School.

“Samsung Smart School provides a solution to a lack of educational opportunity.”

Located in Yangjoo-si, a rural part of the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, Sangsu Elementary School is comprised of six total classes ranging from 1st grade to 6th grade. Selected as a Samsung Smart School in 2016, Sangsu Elementary School has been able to host classes on a variety of subjects. Thanks to the program, students’ coding skills have improved significantly, reaching a level comparable to that of junior high school students. The school was chosen as one of the best practice Smart Schools in 2021 and opened two additional classrooms. With its continued efforts, the word about its quality education spread and the student body saw a gradual increase from 45 students in 2016 to 95 in 2021.

“There are no boundaries to what you can do at Smart School.”

Sangsu Elementary School teacher Hyeji Park was contemplating ways to equip her students with essential skills in this fast-changing world. “How can I make sure that my students learn how to cooperate with one another and express themselves while maintaining social distance during the Covid-19 crisis?”
The answer she came up with was a combination of PE and software classes, which she achieved by incorporating smart devices into the class. The result was successful. Students learned how to code using tablets and actively expressed their ideas during the class.
“It was amazing to see two different subjects merge together in a ‘digital environment’ and provide a whole new experience to our students. Students could broaden their thinking and experience through Samsung Smart School,” says teacher Hyeji Park.

A Joyous Class with Samsung Smart School

Teacher Youngwan Kim still vividly remembers the excitement he felt when Sangsu Elementary School was first selected as a Samsung Smart School. He showed us his affection for his students by saying, “It is my great pleasure to see students get thrilled every time we try a new class using smart devices. I want to give my students the best classroom experience possible by making the most out of Samsung’s Smart School classrooms.”
Living in a marginalized area, Sangsu Elementary School students often say to their teachers that coming to school is a source of joy and happiness for them. Every time teachers hear such words from the students, their hearts swell with gratitude and their desire to give students a better education grows even stronger.
Sangsu Elementary school is a small but powerful place that students, teachers, and Samsung Smart School have built together, and we will continue to support their journey.