A Virtuous Cycle of Innovation

“1.3 billion tons of food wasted every single year. Food waste is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emission.” Driven by their commitment to address a global and local environmental issue, students from New Jersey embarked on a mission to combat food waste and its impact on climate change. Under the mission to create a solution that reduces waste and promotes sustainability, the high schoolers created the Bugalo Bioreactor, a revolutionary food waste management system centered around the black soldier fly.

Their journey commenced with the submission of their innovative idea to Samsung Solve for Tomorrow. Amongst fierce competition, the Bugalo Bioreactor stood out, earning national recognition for its potential to revolutionize waste management practices.

Solution from nature

Princeton High School students in New Jersey took on a weighty issue that had long been sidelined: food waste and its profound effect on climate change. In their community, just like many others, tons of discarded food ended up in landfills, releasing harmful emissions into the air.

During their research, these high schoolers stumbled upon an unexpected hero for their cause—the black soldier fly. “These flies are amazing recyclers. They can break down almost any kind of food, no matter its state of decomposition,” the team explained. “We crafted bioreactors using recycled materials, filling them with food waste and black soldier fly larvae, capable of decomposing basically any organic material.”

Elija Meier, one of the students involved, said, “Being part of the Solve for Tomorrow was eye-opening. Interacting with sustainability experts and witnessing our ability to collaborate on solutions gave me hope. It sparked an interest in me to explore similar avenues in different aspects of my life, knowing that positive change is not only feasible but within our grasp.”


The students’ initiative didn’t stop at addressing food waste but also created a sustainable business model. The students have built an enterprise around the production and sale of the natural oils and other products derived from their food waste processing system. The revenue generated doesn’t just benefit their school’s STEM program but also solidifies their commitment to environmental impact.

Mark Eastburn, the team’s mentor and STEM teacher at the school, has seen firsthand how this project transformed the students involved. He emphasized that this experience has empowered them to think beyond consumption and step into entrepreneurship. He noted, “The fact that students can create and market their products has been incredibly empowering.”

Yugandhara Luthra, a student participant, stressed the project’s significance in showcasing the youth’s potential to tackle complex environmental issues. “As a high school student, it’s easy to think you can’t make a difference until you’re older. But being part of this project has proven that even as a teenager, a bit of science and teamwork can drive environmental progress!”

This project led by high school students from the United States exemplifies the immense potential of young minds committed to solving our world’s most critical challenges. It highlights the vital role of educational programs that foster innovation among youth, with Samsung Solve for Tomorrow positioned at the lead in providing such transformative education worldwide.

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Woman in STEM


In Vishakhapatnam, India, 153 students took their first step toward realizing their career aspirations, after successfully enrolling in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data courses in Samsung Innovation Campus. This marked a significant milestone as the first batch of female-only students to receive the course in India, equipping young women with the technology skills crucial for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Samsung Innovation Campus has been launched in eight campuses across the country, with the goal of providing new opportunities for 3,000 students in future tech domains. Students aged 18-25 years received comprehensive training. The course curriculum seamlessly blended classroom training and hands-on projects, ensuring that students gained both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Recognizing the importance of holistic development, the program also incorporated soft skill training to prepare students for the demands of corporate environments.

Among the first batch of female students, Medapati Vijaya shares her inspiring experience after enrolling in Samsung Innovation Campus.

Transformative experience

Vijaya describes Samsung Innovation Campus as a ‘transformative experience’. Despite her deep-rooted fascination with AI, her lack of technical background initially posed a challenge to delving into a technical role. Nevertheless, through immersive AI training and Machine Learning, Vijaya acquired practical knowledge working on diverse data sets under the expert guidance of mentors. This not only enriched her skill sets but also bolstered her confidence, significantly shaping the trajectory of her career.

“I hope to be a data analyst in the future. Through the AI course, I have gained substantial insights into data analytics, previously unexplored territory for me,” said Vijaya. Her enrollment in the AI course at Samsung Innovation Campus enabled her to seamlessly integrate and apply her knowledge of AI to the data cleansing aspect of her college project in Civil Engineering.

Pursuing a career in STEM

“Samsung Innovation Campus has been instrumental in nurturing both my personal and professional growth. As a woman in STEM, it provided a supportive community and resources, helping me to thrive in a traditionally male-dominated field. I am very grateful for this enriching learning journey,” said Vijaya. Her curiosity and passion for mathematics were the driving forces behind the decision to pursue a career in STEM, and the top-tier training at Samsung Innovation Campus guided her towards her aspirations.

Vijaya highlighted the pivotal role that initiatives like Samsung Innovation Campus in dismantling barriers for women to study STEM. The exposure, mentorship, and supportive community were all things that she believed to inspire and empower more girls to pursue a career in STEM. “I envision a future where gender parity in STEM is the norm. Samsung Innovation Campus is contributing by not only providing technical skills but also fostering a culture of inclusivity,” she added.

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Transforming Healthcare

Students who participated in Solve for Tomorrow from Germany gathered to develop solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. These visionary teams embarked on a mission to introduce technologies aimed at reshaping patient care and simplifying the operational challenges faced by medical institutions.

Now in the phase of development, the students diligently refining their projects, with an aim to revolutionize healthcare. Biosheets and Speech-to-Health stand at the forefront of this transformation, paving the way for a future where technology seamlessly interweaves with compassionate care.

Monitoring Hearts, Empowering Lives

Led by Kim-Marina Zimmermann and Snehasis Mund from Mainz and Wiesbaden, Team Biosheets introduced a wearable technology that harnesses the power of conductive polymers for real-time heart health monitoring via data transmission. Their platform, based on advanced biosensor technology, features biocompatible, biodegradable, adhesive, and conductive thin films tailored as comfortable electrodes for long-term ECG measurements.

“Securing the top spot at Solve for Tomorrow reaffirms our belief in our vision and validates the trust people have placed in our innovation,” proudly expressed Kim-Marina, echoing the team's unwavering commitment to healthcare innovation. “Biosheets is designed to enable real-time heart function monitoring, effortlessly transferring data to user PCs, thereby bridging vital health insights and empowering proactive health management.”

Team Biosheets’ dedication to healthcare innovation marks a stride in merging science with a relentless pursuit of enhancing patient care. Their win symbolizes a leap towards a future where health monitoring seamlessly integrates into daily life, revolutionizing the way we manage our well-being.

Uniting Voices for Medical Efficiency

In Berlin, Team Speech-to-Health drew inspiration from a humbling experience at Charite Hospital’s emergency room. Despite not possessing the same skills as medical professionals, they recognized the potential to make a meaningful difference. “The COVID years emphasized the crucial role of healthcare workers, working tirelessly under pressure and with tremendous responsibility for our lives,” the team explained. “Our mission is clear: to relieve nurses of their administrative burdens so they can focus on what they do best.”

Their solution, Speech-to-Health, aims to revolutionize healthcare administration by introducing a digital voice assistant. This innovative tool converts spoken language directly into structured digital data during medical examinations, offering the potential to alleviate medical staff’s workload by up to 70% and contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage.

“Mentors and experts from Solve for Tomorrow played a pivotal role in fostering further development. I am grateful to have such experience,” said a team member. Securing third place at the final competition, Speech-to-Health’s victory signified the beginning of their journey. transforming their vision into a tangible step towards a more efficient healthcare system.

As Solve for Tomorrow concludes, Biosheets and Speech-to-Health embark on a new chapter, embracing the impact phase offering six months of guidance and support through Samsung’s mentorship. Embodying the spirit of Solve for Tomorrow, they envision a healthcare landscape where technology and compassion converge, promising a more accessible, efficient, and compassionate future.

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