An Opportunity to Heal

Healing the community

In a Brooklyn neighborhood, there were teddy bears hanging from streetlamps. It was to remember a 13-year-old boy named Sammy who had died in a car accident. The community was shocked and saddened. Unfortunately, hundreds die this way every year in New York. Two of Sammy's friends had also lost their lives in similar accidents. Some blamed themselves, some simply wanted to forget, but Sammy’s friends, including Alison decided to take an action.

Smart alert app to protect pedestrians

Alison, through Solve for Tomorrow STEM curriculum, came up with an idea for a moving vehicle alert application for pedestrians and began to persuade her friends. They together devised a system for detecting vehicle speed and noise and alerting the user. After multiple tests day and night, they developed a smart watch app.

Hoping to change the world

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow gave Alison and her friends a hope that they could change the world. “We just wanted people to be safe,” said Alison and her friends when asked what they wanted out of this app. The experience was filled with moments of realization – learning who they were, what they wanted, and what they wanted to do to contribute to the world.

A new start for the community

When everyone was in sorrow, Alison and her friends looked beyond the grief. Even in their despair, they sought out ways to make a difference and help others. Their efforts are a great comfort to their small community in Brooklyn.

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Tech Brings Harmony

Digitalization, a possibility for everyone

We are Seosan Seongbong School, a place of learning for special needs students. Before each class, the kids take out their tablets, each listening to music they enjoy. They also look at the digital music sheets on the electronic blackboard. When they are playing the instruments together, they use their smart devices to get in sync and use video recordings to work on their rhythm and harmonies.

Understanding each other through technology

The most important thing during their rehearsals is monitoring each other to make sure they are playing in sync. The students here use smart devices to evaluate each other’s performance and together they learn the joy of music.

Finding confidence through Smart School

We have a student with severe autism in our school. There was a lot of difficulty in teaching him because of the unpredictable behaviors, including waving of hands or putting various objects in his mouth. But we were all surprised to see him concentrate when he is watching music contents on his tablet. I am now confident that we can unlock the students’ true potential using the technology of digital devices. We have witnessed our students growing in self-confidence through participating in the Seosan Music Competition and also performing as part of the Samulnori (Korean traditional percussion quartet) team in a regional arts festival for special needs students.

A bigger world of possibilities through technology

Later, we plan to leave records of all the experiences the students had here. We also want to create a manual to help student participate in art performances. We also want to expand our projects to reach other special needs school and spread the joy of music.

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Seema’s Journey

“Learning is for everyone. Try challenging yourself.”

Education is still a privilege for boys in parts of India.
But Seema’s parents had a different parenting philosophy.
They did not discriminate and cheered her on.

Encountering Samsung Technical School

Seema entered Samsung Technical School and learned about various electronic devices, including mobile phones. After successfully finishing her course, she underwent a month-long training and soon joined the Samsung Service Center in Jaipur.

Making the most of the opportunity

With determination, Seema quickly absorbed the knowledge on all the core technologies of consumer appliances, including air conditioners and refrigerators. Touched by her passion and perseverance, the faculty at the Samsung Technical School guided her path to achieve her dream to become an engineer.

Seema becomes a Samsung Engineer

Soon thereafter, Seema was hired by the Samsung Service Centre team referred to as “The Engineers,” where she displayed exceptional skills. She won the confidence of her seniors and the respect of her peers, and put her skills into practice.

Recognition by Rajasthan Chief Minister

In 2016, Seema participated in Skill India program and received an award from the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ms. Vasundhara Raje Scindia, the first woman to hold the position.

Paving her own path

Seema’s achievement is an inspiration, encouraging millions of girls in India pursuing their dreams. She will continue to walk her path, growing, pursuing her dreams, and inspiring.

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