Digital Lockers Lighten the Load for the Homeless

Meet Alec, a 23-year-old from the United Kingdom who spent the holidays traveling Europe with his friends. Often, Alec and his friends encountered people without housing, forced to carry their possessions around with them.

The images of these men and women out on the streets day and night having to bear many challenges and the thought of this additional inconvenience left him unsettled. It triggered Alec to bring about positive change for these individuals.

Developing an idea into a solution with Solve for Tomorrow

“What if these individuals didn’t have to carry their possessions with them all the time; would this give them more independence?” Alec decided to take action and commenced ‘Project Dignity’, an initiative to provide the homeless with street lockers. After taking his thoughts to Samsung, his seed of an idea blossomed and became a reality through Samsung Solve for Tomorrow.

Through Project Dignity, the homeless are able to not only securely store their belongings, leaving behind the hassle of always having to carry all their possessions, but it also provides them with the opportunity to live their life as part of society rather than watching from the sidelines.

Each locker also doubles up as a postal box, providing the user with a permanent address. This means they can open a bank account, access essential services as well as employment opportunities. The lockers are linked to an app where users can check local job and housing posts and food plan information.

“If Project Dignity was around earlier, it would’ve sped up the process of sorting myself out,” explains Bill, a former homeless man from London. “I find security the most meaningful to the homeless. The independence we could gain from it.”

Project Dignity wins the UK’s first Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

The positive impact that Project Dignity can bring about has been recognized by many professionals, not to mention the innovative technologies Alec had adopted into his creation. In July 2021, Samsung UK concluded its Solve for Tomorrow competition debut announcing Alec as the Grand Prize winner.

“Thanks to Julia, my Solve for Tomorrow mentor, I was able to develop the design and business proposition in more detail before pitching the final concept.”

Alec now works closely with Samsung in developing a functioning prototype of the digital lockers.

“I can’t wait to take Project Dignity on to the next level,” says Alec. “In the next few months, hopefully, we’ll see the first set of lockers being installed. I’d like them to be in London because that’s where the issue is most prevalent in the UK.”

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Integrating Technology with Humanity


My name is Carmen, and I’m a 21-year-old university student from Italy. I dream of a world where people in need of medical support can access facilities without having to go through arduous and often time-consuming processes.

During my high school years, I spent some time in rural Thailand teaching English at various primary schools. I could not avoid noticing the hardships that many locals had to endure. I noticed that many people with amputation had to struggle from time to time. This only amplified my interest in robotics by trying to understand how it could be applied in the medical field - the technologies to build prosthetics and artificial implantable organs.

My passion for robotics goes back as far as I can remember and when I was seventeen, I taught myself the basics of electronics, 3D design, and mechanics, which allowed me to build a sample prosthetic.

Soaking up knowledge and broadening my perspective

Now an electronic engineering student, I am able to achieve a deeper academic understanding of this subject as well as receive practical training. Samsung Innovation Campus offered me the opportunity to build the experience and nurture this in-demand skill. It has also taught me technical skills like machine learning, AI, and IoT, and helped me develop soft skills. Throughout the program, I realized personal skills such as resilience and emotional intelligence are what differentiates an extraordinary engineer from others.

The application of engineering in biology and anatomy has been my biggest interest since teenage years. I enjoyed the lectures on IoT devices so much and was thrilled when my instructor showcased some applications of IoT in the medical field, and when I picked up on some of today’s technological achievements on smart biosensors.

Coming from an electronic engineering background, understanding certain computer science topics was sometimes a challenge for me. However, the diversity of the program students, all of whom have different expertise, meant that we could tackle this problem together. We helped each other to master all of the content taught during the program and now I am looking forward to researching and discovering more!

The ongoing journey to a better future

I believe technology creates a world of opportunity for everyone and makes our lives easier and better. Samsung Innovation Campus has empowered the world’s youth, including myself, with the technology and expanded our path to create a world we wish to be a part of and live in. Now, we are equipped more than ever with the skill set and ability to think critically.

I am still on the journey to my end goal of building prosthetic limbs and artificial organs for people living without them. Now with my potential unlocked, I will push forward to reach my dream where my skills and knowledge can be used to make an impact.

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From a Student to a Teacher

Samsung Dream Class fosters teenagers’ dreams and helps them study. In 2021, Dream Class has been renewed with expanded learning opportunities for students ranging from basic curriculum learnings to career exploration and education for future competencies. The program also launched an online platform for students to continue learning wherever they are and university-student mentors have transformed into online homeroom teachers. Since its launch in 2012 and the cumulated know-how, Dream Class has come back this year as a comprehensive education platform that supports the youth to reach their dreams.

In 2021, 5,000 middle school students in grade 7 from across South Korea start their journey to their dreams. Students will move forward towards their goal, with the support of more than 500 undergraduate students as well as 100 Samsung Electronics employees and industry experts.

Among the mentors to help these students grow, there is a special person. Sunjae Um is a Samsung employee whose relationship with Dream Class goes way back to his middle school days. Find out what Sunjae has to say about Samsung Dream Class and his anticipation as an employee mentor.

How did you first come across Samsung Dream Class?

When I was in middle school, I studied alone without private education. I did not know how my peers studied. Around that time, a teacher from my school recommended me to sign up for Samsung Dream Class. The atmosphere where students from all over the country gathered and studied together caught my attention. I found it useful for someone like me who lacked external activities.

What is the most memorable moment from your Dream Class experience as a mentee?

The students had to take a test before and after participating in Dream Class. I remember myself completely shook when seeing my grades improved at the end of the camp. Until then, studying was a mundane process that I had to endure only to raise my grades. It was shocking, in the best way, that my grades went up by giving my best in the program and having fun studying.

After entering university, you came back as a student mentor. How was your experience as a mentor?

I recalled my middle school days with Dream Class. I knew that the experience the students make with me and other instructors would have a great impact on them. I wanted to make a positive influence on the students, guiding them to a good future.

Congratulations on joining Samsung Electronics this year! In 2021, Dream Class has rebooted with more to offer to students. What triggered you to participate this time as an employee mentor?

I heard that it is rare to find someone who is a Dream Class graduate who also participates in the program as a university student and a Samsung employee mentor. I applied for the employee mentor position with the hope to create more virtuous cycles like this. I wish students can gather invaluable experience during their time at Dream Class and give back to mentees in the future.

Any words to Dream Class students?

I have learned and received a lot from Dream Class, and it is time for me to give back. I will do my best to fulfill my duty as an employee mentor who has a positive impact on the students. I hope that all Dream Class students can find, grow, and achieve their dreams!

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