Unlocking the Digital World

Samsung Innovation Campus in Türkiye is an educational program that helps nurture young students, equipping them with AI and IoT capabilities that make them stand out from other job applicants. As a nation with growing demand for ICT specialists in its job market, Türkiye students are offered a unique technical education and practical hands-on experience through the program.

What is more, with strong leadership and assistance by professional mentors, Samsung Innovation Campus offers transformative courses around tools and techniques that are highly applicable to the digital world.

As the program concludes, participants discover a heightened skillset and a bigger passion for IT within themselves.

Dreams come true

Murathan Saygılı, one of the participants in 2022, felt that he needed training to achieve his dream of becoming a data scientist. “Before Samsung Innovation Campus, I felt like I was falling behind in the field of technology. After the program, however, I was confident with a deeper understanding of machine learning and AI. I finally got a job as a data scientist, just like I dreamed!”

Upon completing the program, Murathan remembers actively pursued job opportunities. His confidence during the interviews was notable attributed to his time at Samsung Innovation Campus. “Mastering various IT skills is important but being able to present effectively is equally vital,” he said. “When I was asked about technical aspects, I could answer with ease. Samsung Innovation Campus has highlighted the significance of not only generating outcomes but also effectively showcasing them to the audience.”

A multi-dimensional program

90% of students who completed Samsung Innovation Campus in Türkiye successfully secured jobs in related fields. Part of this is credited to the program’s well-rounded training which encompasses not only technical but also soft skills.

Aslı, Senior Manager of Corporate Sustainability Management at Samsung, noted, “Along with an improved experience through technical education, Samsung Innovation Campus provides social skills to improve students’ employability and their ability to bring knowledge to life.” Another participant of the program, Gözde Gözütok, concurred, stating, “Beyond the technical training from mentors, their advice on career decisions was a big help in determining my future.”

Samsung Innovation Campus remains committed to shaping the future for the next generation. The program will expand alongside the students of Türkiye, guiding them towards their aspirations and empowering them to make a meaningful impact through the power of technology.

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Ideas Come to Life


Samsung solve for tomorrow is a unique opportunity for young people from all backgrounds to bring their passion and ideas and come along to learn some skills to make them a reality.

In 2023, Solve for Tomorrow in the United Kingdom drew over 650 young innovators across the country to put forward their ideas. These aspiring students are primed to take on challenges of the future through technology, to create a meaningful contribution to society and our planet.

Among them stood out two projects who caught the attention of the judge with their innovative yet realistic ideas, designed to improve polluted water and help farmers increase the crop yield. Read on to unveil these winning projects’ potential.

Used oil purifies water

Securing the top place in the 16-18 category were Joseph, Ben, and Liam – three youngsters from Bromley and Beckenham in Greater London and Epsom. At Solve for Tomorrow, the trio presented their brainchild, OLEO. This innovative device utilizes cooking oil waste from fast-food chains and restaurants to purify contaminated water, effectively removing microplastics.

Thrilled about their win, Joseph said, “We hope to further develop our idea into a real-life product and business. Collaborating with our mentor and the peers has been such a great experience.”

“Technology in the future will play an imperative role in everyone’s lives,” his teammate Liam added. “If you look at even the development over the last 20 years with smartphone, technology has grown at such as exponential rate. It’s just going to keep evolving into new areas we haven’t seen yet!”

The grand win at Solve for Tomorrow is just the beginning, propelling these three forward in their quest to create impactful technological innovations.

Reusing e-waste for farming

Kiara Taylor, a 24-year-old from Berkshire stepped into the spotlight in the 18-25 category. Her innovation, ReGrow, took home the honors with the idea to use electronic waste in building an affordable irrigation system for Ghanaian farmers. This technology aims to bolster their crop yields and enhance agricultural productivity.

After the big win, Kiara’s sights are now set on refining her concept through second-round prototyping and real-world testing. “I am looking to implement it in Ghana, my target country, which is very different to the UK, so that will be interesting!”

As she navigates ways to make a bold step of starting her project overseas, Kiara thanks the program that fostered hands-on understanding of business development as well as creative thinking. “As a young person lacking industry experience, it was incredibly helpful meeting the mentors and industry experts,” she said. “I am excited to see what the future holds.”

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Training Leaders of the Next Generation

Samsung Innovation Campus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in February 2020. Since its inception, the program has been delivering critical knowledge and core competencies needed to secure a job in the competitive technology-driven workplace.

Hosted at Al Faisal University in partnership with the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation, Samsung Innovation Campus assists students in building experience in key technologies such as AI and IoT. Its triumph has extended into 2023, equipping the unemployed Saudi Arabian graduates with the necessary aptitudes.

When asked, students unanimously recommend the program to their peers. Khaled, Abdullah, and Moataz from the 2023 class share their story.

Evolving meaningful careers

Khaled Mohammed Babtain, a participant in the Artificial Intelligence program, learned concepts of Probability and statistics, Regression Analytics, Clustering Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, and Prediction Models. He was also taught soft skills such as how to discuss technical results to a vendor or customer.

“My career has evolved significantly as I began to apply these concepts and practices in my field at work. I was able to really make a difference while providing the right solution to any problem,” said Khaled. He expressed his ambition to further apply his learnings to the real world. “Through my current position in managing and analyzing data and AI, I want to help find solutions to lower the cases of insurance fraud and illegal gain.”

Enabling young passions

For Abdullah Ayman Gharab, Samsung Innovation Campus ignited his passion for delving deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence. “The courses have taught me how to use Python and modern technology for both scientific and practical benefit,” said Abdullah. “My next step is to apply what I have learned to benefit society by using AI to balance resources to achieve world food security.”

Moataz Hamed Al-Subhi, another participant in the Artificial Intelligence program, decided to join because of his strong desire to learn one of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s techniques. Moataz commented, “I learned a lot from the program such as how to understand and apply Data Science tools in order to develop AI algorithms and applying them to real world problems.”

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