Flash Flood Preventers

Searching for the solution

Flash flooding is the leading cause of weather-related deaths. This natural calamity is especially problematic during summer and hurricane seasons in Doral, Florida, where sediment obstruction and poor drainage systems lead to floods.
“Doral has a lot of precipitation. Many times, our drainage system fails, and the city floods,” said Alyssa Neuber, a 6th-grade participant of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow. “We looked to create a system that will help prevent flooding.”

A group of students from Downtown Doral Charter Upper School gathered to find a solution. Divided into separate teams depending on their strengths, all of them craved for more information every step of their way to the solution. The students were provided abundant guidance from experts in the field, like the City of Doral’s Stormwater Department officials and engineers.

Hoping to change the world

Incorporating their STEM knowledge and art skills to the fullest, the students designed a device that detects sediment build-up in local drains and notifies which structures require immediate cleaning and maintenance. After a few trials, the students’ invention was introduced to the city. It was praised as a technology that can reduce maintenance costs city-wide.

For a safer city

“It’s a great idea that saves money, that makes it more efficient and effective,” said Juan Carlos Bermudez, the Mayor of Doral. “It’s an idea that makes the city safer.” From the first step of identifying the neighborhood’s problem to creating a final product that can change the whole city for good, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow has become a life lesson that drives the students forward. The experience with Samsung will inspire their innovative minds to make a difference in the society.

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A Pandemic Can’t Stop Us from Learning

Classrooms go digital

Samsung partnered with 'Academia', a network of schools, digital learning communities, and education NGOs, to deliver display products and solutions optimized for back-to-school during the pandemic. In the US, Academia’s Classroom of the Future was designed to support teachers and students – equipping classes with Samsung TVs that offer digital education system and contents. “The Classroom of the Future is innovative and dynamic. I love that students can collaborate whether they’re in class physically or remotely,” said Vanessa Chaoui, a 6th-grade teacher from Florida.

To communities all around the world hit by coronavirus, Samsung has donated USD 39 million worth of funds and goods. A vast number of technology like tablets have been provided to educational institutions so that children can continue to learn outside of the classroom.

Staying home is no longer boring

Summer adventures were not canceled this year for eight-year-old Gabri and ten-year-old Alice from Italy. Children who joined Samsung Summer Camp this year enjoyed special experiences like playing music, dancing, participating in innovative labs, and engaging with friends through video calls. Despite these confusing times, the virtual camp helped them expand their perspectives and release their creativity.

Discover your dream through virtual mentoring

For a young person, the right mentor can be lifechanging. An advice or guidance from adults can help students discover their possibilities. It is not easy for students to create a network, find and get in touch with their role models, especially when they have to stay home. In Sweden, Samsung partnered with My Dream Now, an NGO that supports young students, to develop a digital solution: an app where students and working life representatives can meet. With distance coaching, mentoring, and networking provided, the students could find more career opportunities and be motivated against any obstacles from the pandemic.

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Nurturing the Youth of Tomorrow

Coding and programming at home

With the ongoing innovation, it has become imperative for the young generation to understand the basics of digital language and technology. To equip youth with critical tech skills, Samsung has been offering IT education to teenagers around the world through Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC).

Pabhawarin, Chisanupong, and Chanudom are three of 55 Thai junior high schoolers that met for the first time online for SIC. Although the pandemic redesigned the program as an online class, the three excelled in the 75-hour training and interacted with their instructors and friends through digital courses.

Finding technologies in daily life

Learning from the ground up, the students first studied the basics of technology and its impact on our lives. They then learned how to code and program in coding languages. Coding and programming can be seen as difficult, but their approach to learning the digital language was special. “Samsung Innovation Campus allows me to understand technology and is useful in everyday situations,” said Pabhawarin. Chisanupong could also relate to the evolution of technology and its impact on his life. He realized that a lot of everyday situations like using social media or games are related to coding. He said, “After studying for a few more years, I want to develop a program to help people find any items they have lost.”

Building the confidence to dream

For others like Chanudom, SIC reassured their dream of working in IT. “Becoming a computer engineer is my dream. SIC makes me more confident in preparing myself for the many innovations of the future.” The strong foundation at Samsung Innovation Campus will help the students extend and explore their interests in higher levels. At Samsung, we hope that they are encouraged at full power to become the young innovators of the future.

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