samsung innovation campus

Cultivate key human resources who will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution

Samsung Innovation Campus provides ICT education to students and unemployed youth.

Along with core competencies such as AI, IoT, Coding and Programming, the program also trains participants on a range of soft skills to foster talented youth who are much needed in the future society.

Technology education for youth

Samsung Innovation Campus provides ICT education to youth who want to get a jobs in the ever evolving world of technology. Young people who want to develop their technical talents can learn about ICT technology and improve their skills through the program.

Samsung Innovation Campus also attempts to provide more underprivileged youth with access to education. We plan to build an online education platform to help more young people with diverse educational opportunities and diverse forms of training, helping them leverage their unique talents and abilities with education.

Samsung Innovation Campus educates youth to equip them with soft skills along with their technical skills so that they are not only equipped in with the handle specific assigned tasks, but they can grow into well-rounded professionals.

Samsung Innovation Campus defines core technologies leading the 4th Industrial Revolution as' AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile Platform, Coding&Programming'. In addition to this' technical competence training ', Samsung Innovation Campus also offers 'soft skill', which allows students to apply and recreate learned skills, and education to strengthen employment capabilities.

A prodigy who develops a free platform
for matching volunteers with community service needs

The youngest winner of
Samsung IT School competition

In Russia, Samsung IT Schools hold a graduation project competition every year. More than 600 projects from Samsung IT Schools across the country participate in the competition and 15 of them are selected as finalists. In Moscow, program manager and students would judge the finalists to choose a winner. This year’s winner was the youngest ever at just grade 6.

Passion for studying IT

Dmitri was a student living in Kaliningrad, Russia. As he had always been ested in IT since he was very young, he persuaded program managers to allow him to apply for Samsung IT School, which usually only accepts students in 9 to11th grades, even though he was only in 6th grade. Dmitri was given the opportunity to take the entrance exam for Samsung IT School and passed it, entering the program. He studied extremely hard and later won the first prize with his graduation project.

Contributing to the local community through innovation

Dmitri has developed a free platform that matches community volunteer centers with potential volunteers. Applicants upload their profiles to find volunteer work that suit their passion and interests, and volunteer centers can get professional help from experts that are willing to contribute and share their knowledge and skills. This platform is currently used several organizations, including the Women’s Safety Center in Kaliningrad, Dmitri’s hometown.

First 'Coding & Programming Course' in Thailand

Through the 'Coding & Programming course' of the Samsung Innovation Campus, which was held for the first time in Thailand, students have developed projects that help the world by utilizing the knowledge they have learned. “I learnt different techniques that I didn’t know before from teachers here. Teachers give us new techniques and we then apply. I also enjoy making friends. No stress here. We help each other for the project.”

- Napat Prompibal

I'll develop my solution to benefit the social

Samsung Innovation Campus offers young people the tools and the skills they need to amplify their ideas and innovate change. After the class, students were assigned to develop thier own solutions to benefit the social by using coding knowledge content. Students were able to experience various projects by actually applying what they had learned.

We experiment ourselves

“I have hands on experience, that is the best thing of this program. Teachers just give us topics and guideline. They don’t tell you how to do it, how to write the code, and how to control the board. We experiment ourselves.”

- Perapun Chittansakul